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KAREN SEES is a chaotic, fast-paced horror-comedy game in which you play as night guard Bob who’s mall has been broken into by a monstrous Karen, out looking for you and the manager's blood! Find and destroy the complaints plastered all over the mall using security cameras and stealth to survive the night & save your job before dawn. Karen is an enraged, fast & wreckless woman armed with vicious words as well as her knife with an AI designed to be as demeaning and horrifying as humanly possible!

Learn More : DiaxArts.com

YouTube Channel: Youtube.com

Play it on Steam today!

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BOB'S TOYS - Expansion!



GREETINGS, NIGHT GUARDS!The biggest KAREN SEES Expansion yet is here! Prepare yourself for your most thrilling night shift yet with brand new weapons, vehicles, traps & more to aid your survival against the monstrous KAREN!

This update introduces a slew of new tools to aid you in your struggle against the monstrous Karen. Get ready to defend yourself with the all-new slingshot, strategically slowing down your bloodthirsty opponent. Cruise around the mall in style (and speed!) on a sleek Segway. The addition of a drone for note scouting will make your navigation more tactical than ever before. Watch the trailer!🔥

But wait, there's more! Now, any object can be turned into a weapon or a trap. Distract Karen with your cunning as you utilize every resource at your disposal. And be on the lookout for a very inebriated Santa Claus - he just might have a very special gift for you. 🎮🎅🏼✨

Full list of Updates;

  • Every object in the mall can now be turned into weapons or traps!
  • A Slingshot to strategically slow Karen down, anger & distract her!
  • Improved notes - a warning when Karen "sees everything"!
  • A Segway to cruise around the mall & escape death with!
  • A Drone to scout complaints, objects & Karen with!
  • A very inebriated Santa Claus with a gift!
  • A new "unlimited stamina" note!
  • Lighting improvements!
  • Several GUI updates!
  • Music in the Arcade!
  • Tips in the office!
  • Basketball!?!
  • Bug fixes
  • & more!

The Expansion is out on Steam!

Good luck!⚡


KAREN SEES - Ai Update!

KAREN SEES - Ai Update!


The Karen-Ai is finally able to see you through your webcam!

KAREN SEES is released on Steam!👁️

KAREN SEES is released on Steam!👁️


KAREN SEES is now finally available on Steam, check it out!

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