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. . . Can you hear me? I can't see anything . . . I want to wake up. Please . . . Somebody, wake me up.

Want your voice or music in the game? Know another language and would be interested in helping me polish rough translations? Check out the game's casting call for more information!


Justice in Unity: Redux is the resurrection of an older project of mine, called simply Justice in Unity. Made in RPG Maker VX Ace, but less of an RPG and more of an interactive story with some sleuthing to be done, JiU: Re stars French-American Det. Elliot Mortensen, a man plagued by his own inner demons (which can be in/directly controlled by the player) and an overwhelming fear of the dark. As the story unfolds, the player watches as their choices either make or break Elliot's relationships, friendships, and sanity.

Despite being made in VX Ace, JiU: Re features a lot of resources from RPG Maker XP, including pieces of tilesets and edits of sprites made by Sithjester and Mack, among others. The game also features various scripts, such as ones by MOG, Khas, and Yanfly, including a few somewhat-heavily modified with custom traits. Mainly, the story is progressed by completing cases, of which there will be many. All of this said, there is no combat in the game, as I've determined the more "RPG" aspects of making games with this engine to be the furthest thing from a strong point for me.


  • Many improvements from the original release (V1.0.1)

  • Footstep sounds for player, one follower, and one event per map, determined by what kind of surface is being walked on

  • modern algebra's Quest Journal converted into a Case Journal, to keep track of the players progress solving cases

  • The ability to slowly drive Elliot Mortensen insane over the course of the game via Dark Choices

  • Custom character portraits

  • Sprites and tilesets from RPG Maker XP, VX Ace DLCs, and various authors

  • Original music from a team of amazing indie composers

  • Sound effects from FreeSound and The Matchmakers

  • Scripts by various RPG Maker VX Ace scripters

  • Voice acting from various CastingCallClub users

  • Rough translations and the ability to switch voiceover language on the fly (but there are no other languages dubbed yet...)

  • The ability to log in and out of GameJolt to sync trophies, thanks to Florian van Strien's API script(s)



Key | Result
Arrow keys/Numpad | Move player/cursor
Shift | Dash/skip text (Button A)
Z/Space/Enter | Confirm/Interact (Button C)
X/Esc/Num 0 | Cancel/open menu (Button B)
A | Pause the game (Button X)
S | Open key item selection (Button Y)
D | Button Z
Q | Open Elliot's Case Journal/Back one page (Button L)
W | Open Cheshire's Journal/Forward one page (Button R)
F1 | ​Configure engine settings​
F2 | ​Show framerate​
F5 | ​Toggle non-exclusive fullscreen​
​Alt + Enter | ​Toggle exclusive fullscreen​


Button (Xbox controller/PlayStation controller) | Result
L-Stick | Move player/cursor
Button 1 (A/Cross) | Dash/skip text (Button A)
Button 2 (B/Circle) | Cancel/open menu (Button B)
Button 3 (X/Square) | Confirm/Interact (Button C)
Button 4 (Y/Triangle) | Pause the game (Button X)
Button 5 (Left Bumper/L1) | Open key item selection (Button Y)
Button 6 (Right Bumper/R1) | Button Z
Button 7 (Select) | Open Elliot's Case Journal/Back one page (Button L)
Button 8 (Start) | Open Cheshire's Journal/Forward one page (Button R)


Created by | Noëlle McHenry​
Det. Elliot Mortensen | James Bryce​​
Émilie Mortensen | Robyn Rybnik​​
Lt. Simon Callahan | Mike Kaminski​​
​Supt. Tanya Bellamy | ​Phoenix Emrys
Dr. K. Laurent | ​Abigail Wahl​​
Dr. Nicolas​ | Dominic Walker​​
Charlotte Callahan | Cari Scholtens​​
Gaëlle Callahan | ​Goldlight​​
Front Desk Clerk | ​Kyle Donelan​
Maci Leblonne | ​kiwiTee​​
Luis Bouchard​ | MisterMisc​​
Maître D' | MisterMisc​​
Léonard Sauveterre | Charles Lacroix​​​
​Mattieu "Malachy" Delacroix | Joshua L. Belmonte​​
​Receptionist | ​Lauren Collis​​
The Cook | ​tbe
The Sous-Cook | ​​Troy Fasig Jr.​​
Stuart Shitbird | ​Dylan Cronin​
Sir Henry Cockburn | ​Xander Phillips​​
Sam DeGarmo | ​Jack Porteous​​
Alice LeBlanc | ​Courtney Grace​​
Casimir Winslow | Xander Phillips​​
​Renée Favreau | Elissa Park​​
​Joël Caron​ | Kyle Donelan​
​Élisabeth Gros | ​tbe​
Claude Fabron | ​​Jonathon Bradley​​
Lorette Bourdillon | ​tbe​
Marceline Bonhomme | Emily Wylie​​
Alexandre Lestrange | ​tbe
Marie Lémieux | tbe
Voicemail | tbe​
Elaine Bellerose | ​Courtney Grace​​
Marcelin Desrosiers | ​John Doyle​​
​Matthias Duval | ​tbe​
Hazzan​ | tbe
Fortune Teller | tbe
Héloïse Callahan | tbe
Stéphane Callahan | tbe
​​Frank Callahan | ​​Stephen Shepherd​​​
​Mockingbird | ​​J.P. Hagen​​
​Dr. Alan Mikkelsen | James Bryce​​
Dr. M. Cheshire | ​​J.P. Hagen​​
Oliver Roarke | ​Anthony Fleece​​
Camille Ibbott | ​tbe
Det. Miles Quinlan | Lewis Thompson​​
Melissa Voclain​ | tbe
​Collin Locklear | ​David Figueroa​​
​Lizabeth Jasper | ​tbe​
Roger Jasper | ​tbe​
Kurtis Abel | ​tbe
Agent Russell Southwell | ​Stephen Shepherd​​​
Agent Terrence Lyndon | ​Anthony Fleece​​
Apryl Knowlton | ​tbe​
Mr. Noël Ragsdale | David Figueroa​​
Julie Carmine | ​Rose Copper​​
Officer Feliz Florence | ​tbe
Jack Kingson​ | tbe
Dustin "Ruler Eternal" Patefield | ​tbe​
Dr. Dallas Calhoon | ​tbe​
Prof. Benedikt Wolff | ​tbe
Dr. Jeremy Faucheux | ​Dale Ogden​​
R.S. Sam Emmerson​ | tbe
Prof. Chris Mencher | ​James Larabee​
Dashiel "Spades" Vance | ​Wes Haas​
John Doe​ | tbe
Stork 204 | ​James Bryce​​
Characters | Noëlle McHenry​​
​Story | Noëlle McHenry​​
​Art | Noëlle McHenry​​
Composers | tentaclepotatodroid​​​
Hayden Graves
Charlie Paul​
​​E.L. Music (Elisha Leenders)​​​​
​Translation Support
French Translation | ​Charles Lacroix​​
Laure Jennaton
German Translation​ | Melanie Teich​
T.-M. Tran (Amy-Misamone)​​
Russian Translation | ​Vladibear​​
​Portuguese Translation | ​André Luiz​

For other credits, see in-game!

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November 30th, 2018

  • Wrote more dialogue for “The Twins’ Bond”.

November 25th, 2018

  • Added one track by Charlie Paul: “Fortune Teller (Neutral)”.
  • Set up the Fortune Teller scene to use three different variations of the same track depending on result of conversation.
  • Minor bug fixes for Elliot Pure route.

November 22nd, 2018

  • Wrote more dialogue for “The Watchful Shadows”. Writing for “The Watchful Shadows” is complete.
    • Wrote more dialogue for “The Twins’ Bond”.
  • Updated the German dialogue for “The Obsessive Valentine” according to Melle Teich’s translation.
  • Updated the outline for “The Prom Queen”.

November 21st, 2018

!!* Added ForeverZer0’s MCI Audio Player script, then modified the shit out of it to allow a new VO mixer to be made for SE calls ending with “EN” (stopped with the Audio.se_stop command, still, but could be stopped independently), checking voiceover language to change played clip, and threw together a common event to lower BGM volume only while the VO mixer is playing a file. Game now requires codec installation, though, because of course OGG is the only codec the damn script doesn’t know how to handle by default. Doesn’t flat out break old saves, only prevents them from running the common event to lower BGM volume. Made it as plug-and-play as possible otherwise, to allow for easy removal if I decide I don’t like its slight lag when used this way (as opposed to MAJOR lag when used normally) later.

  • Seems to leak memory? Physical Memory usage for the game is steadily incrementing in-game whenever a VO clip is played. (Possibly unrelated? Also noticed the game is now a small CPU hog - likely has something to do with MOG’s scripts or Khas’ Lighting script.)
  • Fixed an issue that any BGM volume level under 30 would revert to 30 (ex. 25 - 30 = -5 (rounded up to 0 because volume can’t be negative), 0 + 30 = 30) after a VO track changes the volume. Now the volume returns to the original level.
  • Hard-coded in Blizzard’s multi-track mixing for SE, converted to work with VO tracks as well, because injecting it at the end as instructed proved useless. Now we should be able to play multiple VOs at the same time (?).
  • Disabled, because it made the game crash (and also skipped a clip outright). Yeah, a VXA game crashed. Go figure.
    • Fixed a bug in MOG’s Animated Title script that made the title screen music restart every time the title screen loaded, even if the BGM hadn’t changed (ex. opening and then backing out of the Load menu). Script was telling the BGM to fade, presumably for the logo to be able to load without music (?), so I commented that out, since we handle the logo through an independent script (so that the logo doesn’t also play every time the title screen loads).
    • Added Matthias Duval’s first (and final) batch of clips for “The Obsessive Valentine”. Role completed.
  • Added Dr. Daniau’s first (and final) batch of clips for “The Poisoned DIner”.
  • Added Dr. Daniau’s first (and final) batch of clips for “The Disappearing Act”.
  • Added Dr. Daniau’s first (and final) batch of clips for “The Obsessive Valentine”.
  • Added the Hazzan’s first (and final) batch of clips for “The Watchful Shadows”.
  • Added Bellamy’s second (and final) batch of clips for “The Obsessive Valentine”.
  • Added Bellamy’s first (and final) batch of clips for “The Watchful Shadows”.
  • Added Simon’s first batch of clips for “The Obsessive Valentine”.

November 17th, 2018

  • Uncast Det. Elliot Mortensen. Pending recast.

November 15th, 2018

  • Addressed some known issues.
  • Debug shop can now be sold to in order to dispose of unwanted items.

November 14th, 2018

  • Changed Dark’s special character font from Another to Mango Scribble.
    • Changed back, because turns out Mango Scribble wasn’t as free-for-commercial use as was advertised. (Illegal to distribute.)
  • Changed Cheshire’s font from Allura to Alex Brush.
  • Added more fonts.
  • Updated German text formatting for some lines.

November 13th, 2018

  • Cheshire’s Journal now supports (most) escape codes, including line breaks.
    • Changed font for Cheshire’s Journal entries.
  • Tried to change font for Case Descriptions per case, but nothing worked; can only seem to have one font for all descriptions (unless individual cases are pointed out?).
    • Kept trying. Nope, still looks impossible. Can change font using escape codes, but content_width variable is then wrong (?), causing text to be fitted incorrectly (still using old font’s maximum line width).
    • omg i did it???
    • Ultimately disabled, mainly because the font used for Simon’s cases is too narrow.

November 12th, 2018

  • Updated IMDb page.
  • Started updating letters to display with special fonts on a paper texture.
    • Stockpiled a shitload of free-for-commercial-use fonts.

November 11th, 2018

  • Edited MOG’s Picture Animation script so it actually checks whether picture animation frame images exist before adding them to the list of frames. Originally, it would add 999 frames regardless of however many actually existed.
  • Added to Dawn’s House.
  • Added .
  • Debug mode now allows warping to different maps… but it seems to cause the game to break. Like, a lot. How the hell do you get an RPG Maker VX Ace game to go Not Responding for no discernable reason? WELL I DID IT, SOMEHOW.

November 10th, 2018

  • Set up some scenes in Dawn’s House.

November 9th, 2018

  • Added Bellamy’s second (and final) batch of clips for “The Garden of Angels”.
    • Added Bellamy’s final clip for “The Disappearing Act”.
    • Added Bellamy’s first batch of clips for “The Obsessive Valentine”.
    • Added Simon’s third (and final) batch of clips for “The Disappearing Act”.
  • Calendar and newsstand interactions are now common events.
  • Added to Dawn’s House.
  • Figured out how to (somewhat smoothly) shift between two versions of the same track at the same position.

November 8th, 2018

  • Cast Alex Greenslade as Matthias Duval.
    • Cast Steve McGrath as Dr. Daniau.
    • Cast Andrew Yuengert as Hazzan.
  • Added Elisabeth Gros’ first (and final) batch of clips for “The Garden of Angels”. Role completed.
  • Updated the picture gallery.
  • Added placeholders for planned cutscene graphics.
  • Updated some Monogatari actor graphics.
  • Prepared more of the Case Journal for translation.

November 7th, 2018

  • Resume writing new intro for Part Two.
  • Added to Cheshire’s Estate.
  • Added four new sprite sets for Mikkelsen.
  • Updated wiki page.

November 5th, 2018

  • Wrote more dialogue for “The Obsessive Valentine”.
    • Finished writing “The Obsessive Valentine”.

November 3rd, 2018

  • Wrote a line of dialogue for “The Obsessive Valentine”.

November 2nd, 2018

  • Figured out that actors levels are class-exclusive. Removed, but then re-added to utilize.
  • Updated some maps.
    • Added to Callahan House.
  • Officially started auditions for German dub.
  • Added windows to maps that didn’t have them.

November 1st, 2018

  • Updated the playground tileset (because it was horrifically misaligned).
  • Threw together a draft casting call (translated by Melanie Teich) for a German dub.
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Change Log Updates for October 2018


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EDIT: Fixed crash at Quinlan's house (hopefully). First official release!! Contains the typical RPG Maker VX Ace game extractor thing. To install, run...

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