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Meet Joumee the Hedgehog!

Meet Joumee The Hedgehog! Join endless running fun in mysterious and enchanting Magic Forest, full of power-ups, escaping evil Raven Viggo! Collect shiny coins to buy exclusive character outfits, compete with friends and earn achievements along your way!

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Don't let evil Raven Viggo catch you!
Try to stay on your way as long as possible!
Plan your Triple Jumps to avoid dangerous zones!
Be careful not to be caught for too long by obstacles!

• Next-gen 3D graphics
• Exclusive character outfits (Skins)
• Unique and stylish fully 3D platforms (More to come!)
• Randomly generated order of platforms for unique game experience
• Triple Jump in Air available right at the start*
• Powerful Magnets to collect more Coins around
• Mighty Shields to defend from ground enemies
• Leaderboards and Achievements
• No real money in-app purchases! In-game Coins only
• Press-and-hold controlled jumps to vary jump duration and height
• Full HD resolution

* This means you have one regular Jump plus cool ability to jump three more times while being in air! Be careful of how many jumps you have left and spend them wisely!

More cool features and new platforms to come soon!
Buy now and get all future updates for free!

More cool features, unique levels, bad guys and magic items to come soon! Stay tuned!

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Preview Image 1920x1080px mobile

Dear friends! The long awaited Update 1.0.3 is finally here and it brings you cool In-Game Shop with new exclusive outfits (Skins) for your hedgehog, PowerUp bonuses, New hot "Lava" platforms and of course, the one and only, evil Raven Viggo!


Also, in addition to having cute little Joumee on Windows and OSX, we've been working hard to deliver Joumee on mobile platforms too! (Google Play and App Store) We really hope you will enjoy this Update!

Here's the full list of improvements and additions:

- Evil Raven Viggo
- In-Game Shop with Skins, PowerUps and Hearts (Lives)
- You can spend collected Coins on any item in the Shop
- 8 all new, exclusive Skins for your hedgehog
- Main Game Menu
- Slightly changed Hearts (Lives) logic *
- You can increase duration of Magnet and Shield in a Shop
- You can buy additional Hearts (Lives) in a Shop (for Coins)
- You can toggle Music and SFX sounds on/off now
- New hot "Lava" platforms
- Slight redesign of old Platforms
- All Coins, Lives and Skins are saved
- UI was slightly redesigned, icons added

If you have any suggestions, offers, bugs to report or if you just want to send us a cake - we would love to hear from you!

* Now, if you run out of Hearts (Lives), you will have to restart the game - in this case, all of your Coins will be reset to 0 and your Hearts will be reset to default 3, enabling you to try collecting more in the next round. All of your Skins and Powerups which you collected earlier - will remain intact - no worries!

SkinPack 01

SkinPack 02

SkinPack 03

002 1

003 1

010 1

006 1

004 1



009 1

Steam Achievements and Leaderboards Update is out!

Steam Achievements and Leaderboards Update is out!


We're happy to announce that our next 1.0.1 update for Joumee The Hedgehog game is live and it contains long awaited cool and shiny Steam Achievements...

Joumee The Hedgehog on Steam!

Joumee The Hedgehog on Steam!


Hey folks! We're totally happy and excited to announce that our all new, fully 3D "Joumee The Hedgehog" game is now available on Steam! We really hope...

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