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Amidst a dying earth a plan is devised to save humanity. Using the last remaining resources available, a starship has been built, a very large ship named Ixion. Recall the story of Ixion the Greek hero who was tied to a fiery wheel spinning in the sky for eternity. The mission was tiresome, so many had been born on this ship never setting foot outside. Things were going smoothly despite the years of disrepair to much of the ship. And then it happened, a deadly pathogen spread through the ship and within 12 hours nearly everyone who had come in contact with it were dead, or worse…

You are a simple psychologist living in the lowest economic class on the ship. When everything went wrong you stood up and began a journey to get to the bridge of the ship, hoping to find a way to survive this crisis. Along the way you discover many survivors, Will you be their Savior or will you be the last nail in the coffin for this expedition?

This game was made within a time frame of 48 hours for the #fargogamejam2017. View other games from the game jam Jams.gamejolt.io

If you like this game, please vote for us by July 19th!


Design & Programming:
Wren Ericksion
Ruben Tipparach

Story & Audio:
Meg Ridl

Addition Story:
Jon Bell-Clement

Addition Story:
Jon Bell-Clement

Wren Erickson
Meg Ridl
Jon Bell-Clement
Jacob Hartie
Sandra Calhoun

Additional Music:
Matthew Schneider
AJ Hayer

Special Thanks:
Meridith Russo - "If I was your girl"
Amie Kaufman - "Illuminae

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Hello VR World!

Ruben here, and today I bring to you Storm o Fire. A game about heroism, firefighting, and rescuing victims of a tragedy. This game was built as a part of the Fargo Hackathon 2018. Since its inception, we had always wanted to design a game that was ripe to play from the beginning. This is why Game Jams and Hackathons exist, to allow developers to be creative at the fullest.

We've been at it for a couple of years, unfortunately internet fame has never been my thing, but local fame was a completely different story. Being at the these competitions in person allows our team to truly collaborate in a real world environment. Every time we entered in a game building competition, we always had 1 goal in mind - how can we make the most compelling and high quality product in a short time.

This mimics a lot of what we see in the publisher pitching world, where developers will focus on tech, showcase that, and secure a publishing deal or funding for their games.


Well anyways, enough about the origins, and more about this game. Storm of Fire is a game where the player plays as a firefighter. They are tasked with two primary goals: 1. Safely secure all the victims in the fire, 2. prevent the fire from spreading and causing more damage. Due to time constraints, the game is not an accurate representation of firefighting, but rather our take on it. We are currently in talks with the local fire department on ways to improve our game.

Here are a list of features:

- Freely move in any direction in VR using the trackpad

- Fire fighting mechanics with a hose - nozzel

- Rescuing victims

- Fire can damage you or the victims you are attempting to rescue

- Elements inside the house such as furniture and props are interactive (mostly)


We hope that our audience will be broader than just gamers with VR, and will allow us to bring these types of experiences to k-12 schoolers who would be more than excited to see this kind of interaction in their classrooms.

In my experience, educational VR can be bland and dull. Ranging from static 360 video to really text driven and wordy museum like tours. As part of Archenemy Interactive, we aim for high quality, our VR experiences will rival that of gaming studios, but still allow us to churn out a large volume of content throughout the year. We're certainly looking forward to working more in this game in the future.

Stay tuned!

- Ruben

From Game Jam Entry to Release!

From Game Jam Entry to Release!


We built this in a 48 hour time span with simple tools like Unity, Blender, and Photoshop. This game is based on our experience with over a year of VR...

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This is the game jam build. An updated version that supports non-VR and with a few fixes and updates will be released later this week.

Storm Of Fire Prototype Demo

Storm Of Fire Prototype Demo


This is the first official release of this game. It is a 24 hour prototype we developed as part of the Fargo Hackathon 2018.

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