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Invirium is an action shooter game with randomly generated levels and elements from the roguelike genre. You are the cell that needs to eliminate dangerous pathogens in the human body. In the gameplay, you can find interesting items that help you upgrade or add new features against tons of microorganisms.


You will find a lot of inner body enemies like bacterias, viruses, or fungus. Be patient and vigilant against them - each has unique qualities that might annihilate you.


You will lurk many organs like the intestines, kidneys, or liver to eliminate pathogens. Explore and find life references to the human body.


Apart from cool gameplay, you can find useful information about medical news in this game world "Virofarium" and more!

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Invirium Announcement


Art Games Studio proudly announces our newest project - Invirium.
Invirium is a roguelike action shooter that lets you control various white cells of a human body (unlockable through completing various tasks in-game) and cure diverse illnesses (some scientists claim that high-level cells with the right items can neutralize Coronavirus).

Invirium combines a gameplay loop liked by roguelike players with a highly popular nowadays topic of viruses, bacteria, and health. During gameplay, you’ll collect each harmful eradicated pathogen in the game encyclopedia - “Virofarium”. Virofarium will provide players with real-life information about bacteria/viruses.

Invirium will be released on Steam and Nintendo Switch in the first half of 2021. Add it to your Steam WISHLIST to stay up to date with Invirium related stuff: Store.steampowered.com

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