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Intruder Alert! is an upcoming cooperative asymmetric multiplayer Real-Time Strategy Shooter; a standalone indie title powered by Unreal Engine 3. rM CommunitySteamTwitterFacebookYouTubeGoogle+Reddit

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Right on the heels of our last news post is a very quick development update.

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Intruder Alert! News

Right on the heels of our last news post is a very quick update:

The past few weeks have been quite crazy for us (and fun!), still hard at work on our lovable game. While we don't have any new media for you today (*shock*), we do have two bits of information worth sharing.

In development news, we recently kicked off the implementation of some of IA!'s most important features: the resources system and, more importantly, proper OP (Overhead Player) unit spawning. While we'll be describing each feature in much more detail over time, it's worth noting that we've redesigned both from scratch and, unlike the way unit spawning was handled in Overwatch where Combine units were spawned using buttons in predetermined rooms blocked by force fields, units in IA! will be coming out of vents, walls, floors, windows, elevators, and.. doors (to name a few), and will be spawned using a really sweet radial menu and area system. GPs (Ground Players): You won't know what hit you.™

We've also just posted our answers to the dozens of community questions in the April Ask the Team! thread, where we shared some details about level objectives, third-person view for GPs, modular asset sets, accessibility to community-created content, Alexander the Great, and much more. Here's an excerpt:

I keep saying OP(s) in my posts and questions; are several OPs planned or are you going to stick to one per round like in Overwatch (though micromanaging could be a tad easier with multiple OPs)?

We've discussed creating a game mode (and levels) specifically for more than one OP, but it'll very likely not happen for a long while (our current priority is to get everything working great with just one OP). Compared to a typical RTS, there's much less micromanagement involved, and we're making sure that the features we introduce don't add too much complexity, keeping the OP accessible (and scalable) to both veteran RTS and hardcore FPS players.

It's definitely worth a read, so be sure to check it out!

Quick, wasn't it? Road Runner quick. More free bird seed?

Want to work with a talented, experienced and insanely dedicated team, a proven development process, custom tools and one heck of a project? Why not join us! We're always looking to expand our small team, so if you believe you have what it takes to work with us on this very demanding (and very gratifying) project, read the posted information about our openings and send us a message; we'd love to hear from you!

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