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Interplanetary is a turn-based strategy game for PC, Mac and Linux, featuring both single- and multiplayer modes.

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Aug 25 2015 Anchor

There is no believable hard sci fi reason that the railgun and missile aiming would come down to guesswork or skill. A civilization that can build railguns and computers can calculate orbital trajectories and at least land on the target planet if not hit a a country sized area.

Also the firing of projectiles and lasers for a turn lasting months or weeks must happen on a single random time of day? This is also ridiculous. The player should be able to plan firings that can happen any time during the turn.

The game is marketed as hard sci fi but such fundamental oversights seem way out there.

Also when it's night on a side of a planet you can't see where to put down buildings. At least on low graphics settings. In hard sci fi there would be a map.

And the game end is a bit anti-climactic. I'm not sure why I won. Did I destroy the last city? There should be a chart of population, growth, etc. During gameplay I don't have a reliable way to know how much damage I've caused. In hard sci fi, I'd have a map of the cities destoryed and remaining, since those can't change every month like military and mining equipment.

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