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Intense Wizardry is a top-down shooter about dual-wielding magic spells in a sci-fi setting. Gather a myriad of spells and passive items to do battle with a great range of enemies!

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Alpha Wizard!


What game isn't pointless anyway?

I'm arbitrarily calling Intense Wizardry an alpha now.
To mark the irrelevant and questionable date, I have enjoyed preparing a compilation of gameplay to silly music.
I am also making a news post about it and tweeting very excitedly.

Q: I don't know what Intense Wizardry is.

A: That's not a question, but I'll indulge you. Intense Wizardry is a frantic top-down shooter in which you play a badass wizard who dual wields magic spells to obliterate his foes. Collect many wild and wonderful items to empower and augment yourself! Procedurally generated levels mean you'll never know what items you'll get! Doom yourself to face the Real Final Boss!

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Intense Wizardry 0.1.4f

Intense Wizardry 0.1.4f


Tweaked a ton of little things, no major additions or fixes. Walls are now fuzzier.

Intense Wizardry Alpha 0.1.4c

Intense Wizardry Alpha 0.1.4c


Added random writing and occasional images to the background. All levels are now the same colour. Explosive barrels no longer exist.

Intense Wizardry Alpha 0.1.4

Intense Wizardry Alpha 0.1.4


New nothing! Instead, the game looks entirely different again, taking on the appearance of the pages of the Necronomicon. Stuff looks hand-drawn and old-page-y...

Intense Wizardry Alpha 0.1.3b

Intense Wizardry Alpha 0.1.3b


Looks different. Better or worse, you decide. Player character has a walking animation. Some things are on a limited palette.

Intense Wizardry Alpha 0.1.3

Intense Wizardry Alpha 0.1.3


World generation is redone, takes about the same amount of time as the previous generation. Also, all of the floors have new textures and Foyer enemies...

Intense Wizardry Alpha 0.1.2d

Intense Wizardry Alpha 0.1.2d


Nothing much new to see here. Still fun stuff. There's an arrow that sometimes appears to point you toward your destination.


The inventory does not seem to work/exist in the newest build, and I could only carry 2 spells at a time (Seemingly no limit to passives though.). Are you moving away from the inventory + mix and match system?

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yokcos700 Creator

I broke everything and started from scratch. I won't be having an inventory perse, and I'm yet to re-implement the mixing and matching that existed previously. Also, duplicate spells don't yet stack. I'll probably leave it where you can only carry two spells by default, but have some passives increase that or something.

These may kind of no longer matter, but I'll have a look at everything you mentioned in April again.

Leveling up spells, I'd say, is a bad idea. It means that people wouldn't want to drop the spell that they've leveled up 10 times for a brand new spell. Nobody wants to lose levels. What could be a good replacement, though, is gem slots. I very much like this idea and it's still very relevant to this day. It's something that I think I'll definitely want to add. There could be a damage multiplier gem or a triple shot gem, it'll be great!

Stat trees aren't really something I like (if I understand correctly what you mean). I prefer to have folks get stronger organically through picking up random crap they find in chests.

I do want to have more buttons, but they'll mainly be for quick 'inventory' management. Hotkeys to move a gem from one slot to another, etc. Still not sure what I want to do with Q and E, probably have them depend on the spell like you suggest.

Don't be afraid to just throw a bunch of random suggestions at me though. I could probably work most of them into an item of some kind. What if you had an item that lets your spells level up or enables a skill tree? These could be great!

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Thanks for replying.

I did prefer the previous builds because of how much fun it was to try out tons of different spells, and how some of the spells placed in the trees became more powerful -- but yeah, I did mostly only *use* one or two spells.

Yeah, leveling up spells might not be that great of an idea -- you're right. But what about an element system/tree? Fire, ice/frost/water, acid, lightning, physical, creature (spells that affect enemies and the player character.). This way the player can choose to specialize in the type of wizardry he likes -- perhaps the mix and match system can incorporate this, as in infusing the element of your choice into a spell.

Ie, say there's an ice spell that shoots ice shards -- infusing fire into that would make it shoot fire shards. Maybe even add the possibility of modifiers -- put the fire element spell, and a "bounce" spell into the ice shard spell, and it'd shoot fire shards that bounce off of walls and enemies.

Obviously, doing that for everything would probably be a lot of work -- but would it be possible to make an algorithm for the various spells?

Ie, you just set up the rules for what is possible - like, all, or most, or some spells are part of a few "Element" categories of your choosing, like fire, ice, etc, and a "Modifier" category of your choosing, with spells that can be combined with other elements, by automatically combining animations of the various combinations, governed by a system you set up.

For example, a fire spell might be in both the "Fire" category, and "Modifier" category, which would let you choose if you want to infuse it into another element to change it into a Fire element spell, or let it modify another element, or a different spell of the same element.

With enough spells, players could mix and match and get results that perhaps you wouldn't even expect.

Ie, assuming the requisite spells are in, a player, with some creativity, could make a spell that could slingshot an enemy into other enemies, or a spell that rotates a wire or rope around a pivot point set by the player, and catches all the enemies around it, and releases them when you push a button, or a spell that summons the animation of an element as your companion and so forth.

The tree system was incredible -- the 4 different triggers for activating a spell in the tree was a great idea, and I hope you incorporate it into your new builds. Maybe even with new triggers, modifiable triggers, unlockable triggers, and so forth.

It made finding new spells very exciting because most could be used in some way, and made it a lot of fun just trying out various spells, and perfecting your tree layout (Putting a spell in a different tree to conserve mana, etc.)

If I recall correctly, the order of activation of the different spells in a tree was from top to bottom -- depending on mana. They all cast instantly as well, I believe? I think that could be modified in some way -- to change priorities of the spells in a specific tree, or even the % of activation in specific trees.

In some Tower Defense games, you can issue commands/conditions to the towers in 3 editable categories, and I think that system could be useful in the tree system here. Like, if you have a spell that increases an enemies damage to fire, or reduces its resistance to fire in one tree, and fire spell(s) in another tree, you could tell the fire spell [mana below: 100%] - [target: enemy] - [effect: has fire debuff].

This would allow players to take advantage, or at least incentivize taking advantage of various context sensitive spells that would otherwise mostly be ignored by most players (I think.), such as debuffs, somewhat insignificant buffs, and so forth. It would let you put in lots more spells, because most spells would be used by players.

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This is such an awesome game. Thank you very much for posting it up here, and for making it.

I was wondering, though -- I've noticed that duplicates of existing spells will stack -- does that serve any purpose? Does it increase the damage/power?

I am, by no means, a developer, or claim to have any knowledge on how to make video games, but I have some thoughts on this awesome game after playing it. Whether or not it'd work is another matter, but here goes..

I was thinking that it'd be cool if you could place the same spell in more than 1 slot, provided you have picked up more than 1 of the same -- at least with certain spells. For example, if you have 2 of the "Orb that Follows" spell, you could place 1 in the "When you take damage" tree, and one in the "When you hit an enemy" tree.

I'm not sure how it should work -- maybe the first spell you place is placed as normal, but the second gets a significant increase to the mana cost, as well as a delay stat (Assuming that stats are eventually listed for the spells.) -- as in, it will cast ** milliseconds after the first spell.

It'd also be awesome if you could level up the spells -- ie, when you hit an enemy (It'd be too easy to just stand around and level up all the spells.), a bar fills up on the spell icon/item description, and when it levels up, damage, or size, or range/rate of fire, or mana cost, or duration etc. is increased or decreased, depending on the spell of course.

Gem slots in the spells could also be interesting, with various types of gems that boost the specific spell.

Mana regen has sort of been a problem in the game, though, and I think it'd be great if you could implement some sort of mana regeneration mechanic -- perhaps a spell (Ie, boost mana regeneration, or steal mana from enemies, etc.).

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A talent and stat tree would also be awesome - talents like increase damage of certain elements or spells, reduce mana cost of certain elements or spells, make certain elements proc (A certain chance to cast a spell for free, for example.). Statistics like Focus/Willpower, Run speed, spellcast speed, etc. would be great.

More buttons would also be great - especially for spells like the teleport. As it is, being randomly teleported back to the spot, or being randomly moved, isn't very useful in my opinion, and I think it'd be a lot more useful if you could hit a button to teleport back to the spot -- basically, more buttons, and more control.

So, for example, if a teleport/movement type of spell that you've placed in one of the trees procs, you could get a notice on the screen, or the spot could glow, and when you hit whatever button you've set in the options, you teleport back to it.

The random element (When they are placed in the trees.) sort of prevents the other teleport/movement spells from being useful, in my opinion.

Again, I'm not saying that these things would make the game better or anything, I'm merely saying that these things seem like they could be fun additions.

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It reminds me Dragon Age, in a 2D fancy style ;)

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