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Inkulinati is a turn-based strategy game about illuminated animal battles full of eccentric humour.

In Inkulinati you take on the role of a medieval illuminator, who uses the Living Ink to paint and command an army of creatures in order to defeat numerous opponents and become the Master Illuminator.

Key features

  • Unique setting. Medieval marginalia are the source of endless inspiration, amazing creativity and a tint of madness.
  • Turn-based strategy bursting with eccentric humour. Besides attacking you can sing, bark, purr or play the trumpet with your bum - all to take advantage of your opponent.
  • Special actions performed by the illuminator. Use your fists to smash your opponent's troops, draw obstacles or relocate your units.
  • Living Ink. The most important resource in the game, left by defeated troops. Collect it and be sure to paint reinforcements for your army.
  • Campaign. In the campaign mode, the player will face AI-controlled adepts of illumination, who stand in the way of becoming the Master Illuminator and entering the final duel with Death herself.
  • Character development. Earn experience points with each duel to upgrade your workshop, unlock new units and actions for the illuminator’s hands.
  • Creating a story. With each battle, a story is written to celebrate all epic deeds that happened on the battlefield. You can see the story coming to life and filling the empty spaces of the manuscript.
  • Turn-based battles in hot-seat, singleplayer or online multiplayer modes.
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Hello everyone,

Ok, I have to confess. This month's update is going to be a bit of a short one. A few of us have been on holidays, there’s been a lot of “under the hood” work, and a lot of boring but necessary polishing. So to be frank - there isn’t that much “new and improved” type of content and updates to show. HOWEVER! That doesn’t mean that this is it, the update is over. Oh no, not on my watch!

In today’s update, I thought I’ll show you some of the references that we used to create some of our units. As ye olde saying goes, we all stand on shoulders of giants. And that certainly applies to us as well. Now, as you probably noticed, Inkulinati is heavily influenced by marginalia found on medieval manuscripts. What’s really cool - in our minds at least - is that our character are inspired by real-life medieval doodles. Yes, they are figments of the imagination of people long gone. You can say that our concept artists are people that lived 100’s and 100’s of years ago - we just helped bought their creations to life. Below are a few of those references in action.

Donkey references

references rabbit

We also call this little guy Sir Robbin.

references dog

So if you feel that what we have in our game is twisted, crazy, and just plain weird - it’s not us, but our ancestor’s fault (King Godfrey’s pro tip - always blame it on the dead guys).

So this is it from us for this week. It is a bit of a WAIT, WAIT! - hold on… What is it, Sir Robbin? Gifs?? What gifs?? Ohh yes, nearly forgot about them. *ahem* Yes, sorry about that. Before we leave, we have some gifs to show you! Do you like them? Yes? No? Maybe? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below (let them all out - no right or wrong answers here). And once again, any complaints of weirdness, remember - it’s all our ancestors' fault.

If you like what we’ve shown you today, let us know in the comments below. Heck, maybe you have some marginalia that you like yourself - if so, post below! And as always, you can follow us on social on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Do it - it makes us feel nice seeing that community of ours rise. And please, if you like what you see, and you feel our game might be a good fit for you, Wishlist us. It really helps us out a lot.

Until next time,

Michal | Yaza Games Team

New Look, New Award, and a New Unit

New Look, New Award, and a New Unit


With July now almost over, we take a look back at our latest changes. We've implemented a new UI, we have a new unit, and we've won an award.

What is Inkulinati, and Our Great Polish Adventure of 2019

What is Inkulinati, and Our Great Polish Adventure of 2019


For our first post, we want to show you what our game is, and tell you about our time at Pixel Heaven and Digital Dragons gaming events.

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