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Years ago there was an... Incident... at the Gilbert Dweezil Mansion Estate. Yet nobody can ever prove just what happened, all the tales of what occurred are only rumors.

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First Look at Streamlined UI


Because people play games in different ways, I want to support the classic "Click Verb, Click Object" way of playing, but also right clicking for context options, Mouse Scroll through verbs & a quick middle click (or left shift) to invert the current verb.

I've been taking inspiration from Grim Dawn with it's ability to play mostly with just a mouse. If I had a gamer mouse with 10 extra buttons I probably could play the entirety of Grim Dawn with just a mouse.

I don't know if that's exactly how Incident Dweezil will play, but I'm aiming for a highly "Streamlined Interface" so players spend more time playing and less using the UI.


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