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As we said before, game still at its early development state. We are trying to make a game, that gives hopes of something enjoyable, replayable and creative. Game will give you chance to change your fate, by deciding where to go and how to act. Everything is in your hand. All dialogues are choise dependables. Almost all answers affects your gameplay and end of story.


-Storyline based. Game rely on storyline, which will get clearly for players as they play.

-Dependable choises. Make your choises wise. End of dialogues almost fully depends on you. Not only, also there is no force quest doing. You want to do another quest? Then do it. As we said, all game depends on you.

-Replayable missions. As you progress through game some special missions will be unlocked, where you can earn money, exp and rare loots. You can replay within some amount of time, which is changes for each mission type.

-Mining, Wood cutting, Fishing: Yes, we are putting our efforts to make game as survival. You will have to get important resources for staying alive outside.

-Crafting system: You got resources? And you think where and how I can use it? Don't think that much, we got crafting system here. Where you can craft many things that are essential for you to survive.

-Classes: You will have 4 classes available to choose. Like Sniper, Infiltrator, Assault and Heavy Gunner. Each of them will have specific abilities and weapons in their arsenal. Further more classes will be added.

-Farmable bosses: You have done every single quest? Now want to have much more strong weapons for special mission or surviving outside? Go farm bosses, they will surely have loots that you want.

-Ready to explore?: Try to go outside of your camp. You will have many locations to explore.

-Clans: As people now tries to stay alive, by staying together, many independents have created clans. Each clan will have bonuses to specific classes. You will chance only to choose one of them. Choose what suits you best.

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Dev Blog #2


onlinelogomaker 030916 1838

So lets get started.

We worked hard, and doing still. As we are just 2 member, this game develops as faster as we can. Our goal is to make game not simple, like walk, take quest and kill. We want to make this game creative, with its own story line, that make sense while playing. All game will be in your hands. Where to go, which quest to do, whom to help and when and etc. You will decide how to act while talking, which will affect whole your game-play and end of story.

Also we are planning to add some end-game features. What features? Well time will show lets say. As game shows the world after apocalypse, of course some independents will be throughout the world. Initially few clans ( those independents will be called clans) will be added. You will have chance to join only one of them. Choices must be wise, cause it will affect whole your game, as well as all your answers in talking.

And how without mining, wood-cutting, fishing and crafting? Of course with not super animations initially, but still it is something. Further new animations will be added, for more cute game-play. Also weapons will have new animations and sounds.

At the end I want to say that, we are working really hard on this project. All supports are appreciated. Of course if you have suggestions or ideas lets say, you can always pm me or comment here.

Here is some screenshots for you:




quest journal

And of course how without video?

Hope you enjoy

Thanks everyone for reading.

Dev Blog  #1

Dev Blog #1


Hello everyone, currently we are working on new locations and NPCs. We are planning to finish "Hothorn Military base" map and some graphic and sound improvements...

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I am not bitten Demo v.2

I am not bitten Demo v.2


-Fixed bugs -Changed control system -Added few more quests

I am not bitten Setup

I am not bitten Setup


Setup of "I am not bitten". Demo version after Update #2. The game is still in development, so few bugs may occure during the game. Waiting for your feedbacks...

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