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It's long into the future, and there's only one thing that matters: fighting!

Take control of your space cadillac and frag your way to victory against your friends, or practice against the AI to unlock the full crews roster. Submachine guns, sniper rifles, frag grenades, homing missiles and bullet-deflecting shields are just a subset of the tools at your disposal to create havoc.

8 unique battle arenas
16 spaceproof muscle cars, each manned by its own whacky crew
9 instant power-up weapons
6 game modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Death Race, Space Soccer, Last Man Standing and Spong
– Local Multiplayer up to 4
– Viciously challenging AI for when your friends are not around

Now available on Steam!

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Gamers are in the midst of a glorious local multiplayer renaissance and 34BigThings is tossing their hat into the rings of Saturn with Hyperdrive Massacre. Do you love the smell of napalm in space in the morning? Strap on your helmet, get behind the wheel of a souped-up space Cadillac and throw down the gauntlet in this neon-fueled arcade shooter dripping in Spacewar sauce.

Choose from 8 rad tricked out space cars then begin wreaking havoc through 4 space arenas — with 8 more cars and 4 more arenas available to unlock. Players begin each match with their standard machine guns and shields but can quickly up the ante by flying through any of the 10 pick-up weapons which include shotguns, grenades, homing missiles, energy spears, laser sniper rifles and mines. Are you more of a defensive player? Just raise your shield and laugh with glee as you bounce bullets back in the face of your attackers. Boom!

Did we mention you can experience all this action, strategy and mayhem in a SPACE CADILLAC?

Hyperdrive Massacre gives you 6 modes in which to dominate your friends and family. Some of these modes include the classic, every man, woman and child for themselves mode of Deathmatch, outlast everyone in a game of Last Man Standing, unleash your skills that pay the bills in Space Soccer, prove who’s the fastest DeathRace, or put on your leg warmers and headbands in a retro game of Space Pong. Don’t have 3 living beings to fill up the other player slots? Turn on the vicious AI and set its difficulty setting to see who would win in the age old battle of man vs. machine.

Features at launch

  • 8 unique battle arenas inspired by your fondest sci-fi memories
  • 16 space-proof muscle cars, each manned by its own whacky themed crew
  • 10 instant power-up weapons that range from Shotguns and Grenades to Energy Spears and Mines
  • 6 game modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Death Race, Space Soccer, Last Man Standing and Space Pong
  • Local Multiplayer for up to 4 players
  • Sharpen your skills against viciously challenging AI for when your friends are not around
  • Full Controller Support

Hyperdrive Massacre launches October 12th on Steam and other digital distribution channels for Windows PC and MacOS.

Hyperdrive Massacre hitting Steam soon!

Hyperdrive Massacre hitting Steam soon!


Local multiplayer fragfest title from 34BigThings announcing its launch platform and showing two Battle Tactics videos.

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