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Hyper Ultra Astronautics is an intense local multiplayer space arena shoot'em up with co-op and competitive game modes for 1-16 players. Run the game on almost any Windows or Linux PC, ideally connected to a big screen. Play using keyboard, mouse, gamepads or join the match using your mobile phone as controller.

More information and downloads on the official game page: Fractilegames.com

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Hyper Ultra Astronautics is now officially ready and version 1.0.0 is available for download in Itch.io:

The suggested price is 5 EUR/USD, but you are free to pay whatever you think the game is worth.

Following major features made it to this version:

  • Competitive and co-op game modes for intense party/couch gameplay.
  • Single player survival game mode.
  • Semi-realistic ship movement based physics on simulated thrusters.
  • Wide selection of weapons including various teleportation and beam based weapons.
  • Support for a lot of controllers: keyboard, gamepads, mouse, mobile apps.
  • Online high scores for solo and co-op survival game modes.

It has been a long road, like with most of my games. The development started with a prototype in late 2015 and the game has been in open alpha/beta testing for three years. I can't say that I have actively worked on the project all that time, there have been a lot of pauses, both short and long. After all these years it feels good to finish another game project!

One of the distractions from actual development was a bar-top arcade cabinet that I built for the game:

Hyper Ultra Astronautics bar-top arcade cabinet

I'm really happy with the result. It does get cramped with three grown men shouting and playing, but it turned out that this game is a perfect fit for arcades.

Although Hyper Ultra Astronautics has now been deemed ready, I will still be fixing bugs and probably even add some new features to it later on.

Here is some footage of the survival game mode in action:

Here's one known bug in the current version. It's kind of ironic that this is the result of setting the number of power-ups to "none":

screenshot 20190914090345750

And before anyone asks if the game is on Steam, the answer is no. At least for now. I thought about releasing on Steam too, but at this point it doesn't seem worth it. As far as I know, Steam does not support any kind of pay-what-you-want pricing, so I would have to set a fixed price on Steam while the game can be downloaded for free on Itch.io.

For more information on the game, visit game's official web page: Fractilegames.com

Hyper Ultra Astronautics update adds two new game modes

Hyper Ultra Astronautics update adds two new game modes


This update fixes bugs and adds two new competitive game modes: scorematch and team scorematch.

Introducing Hyper Ultra Astronautics

Introducing Hyper Ultra Astronautics


Fight for high-scores in solo or co-op survival matches or challenge your friends to a deathmatch. Outmaneuver your opponents, take cover behind asteroids...


Thanks for a giveaway!

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