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Light is both friend and foe in Hunt ‘n Sneak – a manic party game set in a world where mystical creatures dwell. Threatened by the fearsome Gobblers, the Pixies’ struggle for survival has begun. Will you use your wit to sneak past the Gobblers, or use your cunning to hunt the elusive Pixies?

Hunt 'n Sneak is releasing soon!

We will be announcing the release date towards the end of February so keep an eye out for that. Head on over to Steam to wishlist the game so you're fully prepared for the game's launch.

Steam: Steam page

Website: Hunt 'n Sneak website


Hunt ‘n Sneak is unexpectedly chaotic, with light truly being both a friend and foe to those who play. The environments have been hidden beneath a mysterious fog, and the Gobblers beacon is the only constant light source in the game, and trust me, this is not the kind of light you want to be going towards! Players will soon be sitting on the edge of their seats with their heart rates racing. Where are you? Is a Gobbler nearby? Are you safe? Are you walking continually into a wall? Are you even still alive??

Players controlling the Pixies must use their wit and memory to recall where they are located, all the while hoping they aren’t walking towards a Gobbler! Not all is doom and gloom, as Pixies are able to emit a Ping, which briefly illuminates their surroundings. Be aware, however, as you never know who might be watching, and a Gobbler may soon be chasing you down! So, illuminate your surrounds and then quickly disappear back into the shadows to escape capture and survive the Gobbler invasion!


The Pixie realms was once filled with light and wonder, and Pixie colonies were found across all the lands. Once idyllic, the Pixie realms have been forced into chaos. The fearsome Gobblers have invaded, and, have brought with them an unnerving darkness. Where light and colour once shone a mysterious fog has now smothered the lands.

The Gobblers have descended upon the Pixies with the sole intention of stealing and consuming the magical essence found within a Pixie. You see, Pixies consume Moon Drops, a powerful light energy source, and transform it into an energy they can then use. The Gobblers are unable to consume pure Moon Drops, and so they hunt down all the creatures who do.


  • Edge of your seat online and local multiplayer for 2 to 4 players.
  • Traverse the depths of a murky cave, roam the ruins of an abandoned mansion, explore an enchanted forest, and sneak through a long-forgotten castle, as you travel across each of the Pixie kingdoms.
  • Game modes:
    Ping - Pixies must survive long enough so that the Gobbler runs out of power.
    Stockpile - Gather up all the Moon Drop essence before the Gobbler has a chance to pounce!
    Cursed - Pixies are being turned into Gobblers! Spend the least time as a Gobbler to win.
    Ping for your life - The Gobbler can now force the Pixies into pinging. Marco Polo anyone?
  • Unique character abilities including: Wormhole teleportation, autonomous scouts, disguise and many more.
  • Play with whatever is comfortable; controller or keyboard.
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So a lot of feedback we've gotten from you guys points to the darkness of each level being a little too...well, dark. So we've put our heads together (not literally, that would be weird) to come up with a few other ways we can hide the characters without completely casting blackness over majority of the maps. Some marvellous ideas that came out of that brain storming session were a think fog and a blizzard (yeah, there's going to be a snow level at some point, but sssshhhh don't tell anyone). We're already trialling the fog in the soon-to-be-completed Enchanted Forest, as seen in the image below.


We are currently working on bringing you new character models for both the Gobblers and Pixies, which will be selectable prior to each round. In our efforts we aim to bring a several new Gobblers and Pixies into the game within the next 3 months, and we will only continue to add more from there. Below will give you a glimpse at what some of these new designs for the Pixies might look like.


In other news...more networking - yep, lots and lots of networking. We've revamped the networking code to be super modular, and networked the new abilities - charge (we'll show that off soon enough) and shield.

GUI is something we're also reviewing and improving, gunning for the best possible experience. We're actively working to improve GUI systems to handle a variety of situations that may be encountered, and also designing new screens that offer character, game mode, and map selection.


So it's been a little while coming now, but we're finally happy to present you with the first in-game look at the Enchanted Forest level which will released later this month. It's the most detailed level thus far, and I personally think it's got a great look. We can't wait for you guys to jump in!




The first abilities and power-ups are being introduced in Hunt 'n Sneak! Pixies will soon be able to repel the Gobbler's advances with a bubble shield by collecting moon drops throughout the level. Gobblers on the other hand will be able to bear down on the Pixies by using a charge ability. These mechanics will take Hunt 'n Sneak game play to the next level, and this is just the beginning! Watch this space for more updates that are right around the corner!


Over the last month we have been doing writing, planning and more writing for a funding application for Film Victoria and boy have we had an epic journey of writing and planning. It has been great to really flush out our idea though so we can figure out important stuff like how we are going to market and pitch the game, aiming to really sell our idea, and planning an approximate timeline for how we are going to fit all of this in!

There is one exciting thing about all of this planning though, we are aiming to go to PAX Australia again this year! So pencil in the dates, book your flights and come down to see the game and its developers because we are really excited to show it off to everyone!


So lets get the boring out of the way first (or at least boring to those of us who aren't programmers). We've spent a truckload of manpower recently rewriting the entire code base in a more modular way so that there are no dependency issues with networked objects being different to non-networked objects. The desired outcome is that when something is networked the network functionality can be added on top of the existing code instead of having to churn out new code that does the same thing (I'm going to pretend I just understood that thing I just wrote).


No, our project has nothing against people named Cam or Cameron. Just wanted to clear that up real fast. More exciting than name based prejudice is our soon-to-be-implemented camera feature that hones in on the last pixie standing and their final dance-off with the Gobbler. Of course when I say dance-off I mean spine tingling, last chance at survival, crazy dash out of the gnashing jaws of...well you get it.


The Enchanted Forest is shaping up to be our most detailed stage yet, and I have to say, our thumbs are plenty green. Currently we're in the midst of creating a strikingly ambient environment, paying close attention to the layout of each area. We'll be showing off some actual in-game snaps soon, but for now, here's a sneak peak at some of the flora you can expect to encounter.

Hunt 'n Sneak Devlog #4 - Multiplayer Beta Online and Some Bright Ideas!

Hunt 'n Sneak Devlog #4 - Multiplayer Beta Online and Some Bright Ideas!


Hunt 'n Sneak online multiplayer demo is now live plus more insight into the games development, download and join us on discord to talk about the game!

Hunt 'n Sneak Devlog #3 - Multiplayer, Abilities and Upcoming levels

Hunt 'n Sneak Devlog #3 - Multiplayer, Abilities and Upcoming levels


Hunt 'n Sneak progress - Multiplayer, Introducing abilities, Levels in development and a new feedback form to get the communities opinions!

Hunt 'n Sneak Devlog #2 - Lighting tests and Online Multiplayer

Hunt 'n Sneak Devlog #2 - Lighting tests and Online Multiplayer


Testing out new lighting, and online multiplayer news!

This Week In Indie Games: May 25 2018

This Week In Indie Games: May 25 2018


The biggest indie gaming stories for the week of May 25 2018.

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Hunt 'n Sneak Mac

Hunt 'n Sneak Mac


Welcome to the first public demo of Hunt ‘n Sneak, and thank you for checking us out!

Hunt 'n Sneak Windows

Hunt 'n Sneak Windows

Demo 2 comments

Welcome to the first public demo of Hunt ‘n Sneak, and thank you for checking us out!

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