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You will start in Philip Wood shoes, waking up in an abandoned Hospital, empty and dark. Doors and windows broken, papers on the floor, drawers open, and much darkness making the claustrophobic environment, with sounds and groans coming from anywhere of giant structure.

Philip don't know the real reason to be there or what's happened in that place, but each lived experience at Hospital's dark corridors, your nightmare and disorder turns in afraid and anguish.

Among puzzles, metaphors and confessions, the people who stood there before Philip tried, somehow, leave some messages to anyone wandering around the Hospital.

The messages are confused with instructions to someone to save yourself or requests for help.

The player will live the horror of Philip Wood to find answers, in an environment that everyone already dreamed in a nightmare, but never wanted to be in.

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Hospital Escape Review



The game starts with the character Phillip Wood who wakes up in an abandoned hospital and couldn’t figure out why he’s here.


For best experience, I would recommend playing Hospital Escape with headphones on. The freaky hospital setting combined with the scary noises being heard in the background really put me in the mood. The best part is you can explore the map freely and go to different rooms to search for clues. The aim is to call for help or look for a way to escape the hospital, but it’s very challenging owing to the confusing puzzles and metaphors, which you will encounter along the way.


The realistic graphics and clear-sighted details make Hospital Escape one of the best FPS horror games. Despite being a small 330 MB game, the details are on point and would really give you goosebumps. From a creepy soundtrack in the background to spine-chilling visuals, Hospital Escape has everything you would expect in a horror game.


If you have been a fan of games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, I would definitely suggest you to try Hospital Escape. It renders almost the same level of horror and terror.

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