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“Horror in the Asylum” is a first person horror game where you play as mentally sick patient that wants to escape his nightmares, he imagines the hospital to be a dangerous and terrifying place where monsters and creatures live.

It is up to you how much noise you make throughout your escape , but be warned the more noise you make the more danger you are in.

You will have to combine skill and patience to open doors slowly and figure out puzzles and hints , while being constantly hunted by vicious monsters that will tear you apart if they detect you.

If you make too much noise you will attract the monsters and you will have to hide, making sure there is not a monster hiding in the first place.

You will be hunted by mainly 2 creatures , one that crawls on walls , under beds and objects and will try to sneak on you if you lose sight of it , while the other is roaming around the hallways and listening to whatever noise you make.

Current Game Features :

•Creepy hospital ambient , that interacts with the player in many ways.

•player control for interacting with objects , door opening speed, and making noise.

•tension builds up as you advance from an area to another.

•use of flash light and blue light to reveal hints.

•find items and use them to unlock doors , locks , etc.

•lock picking , passcodes , logical puzzles .

•avoid monsters that are either crawling under the bed , or roaming the hallways.

•sudden events that will creep you out.

Goal Game features :

If the game gets greenlit we want to add the following features in the game , as right now it only represent the concept of the game in an alpha stage .

•Longer storyline that will continue to different areas of the game

•Merge a second reality where player sometimes gets glances of the real world around him to get hints .

•Virtual Reality support for best game experience .

•more game features , more puzzles and storyline .

•More Creatures

Steam concept page:

Please give us your feedback it is very much appreciated!

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Horror in the asylum trailer


Please continue to send feedback it is very much appreciated!

Horror in the asylum trailer - Indie DB

New update including hints and picklocking system

New update including hints and picklocking system


We have finished new systems in the game which include picklocking and hints.


why do all the horror developers use the same unity asylum prefab and the same unity monster head prefab??!

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