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horn max v0 01b middle

Welcome to HORN MAX, a Co-Op Kinetic Smashing Jam.

In this game, your mission is drive your horn monster to punch your opponents, make them rolling, fly and crush.

Speed drive, intense fight and powerful smashing, generating tons of funny tragedy and creative movements, will blow your mind.

Play this game with friends for max fun.


1.Realistic car physics mix up with exaggeration force effects, generating super fast, funny, creative physics movements.

2.Self balance car system, looks funny, and also easy to go back to drive status after many rolling in the air.

3.Flexible co-op local multiplay, you could play alone, against each other, or team up to fight. Support up to 4 player co-op.

4.Challenging AI, even if you play alone, you could still enjoy fight with AI, be happy to be crushed by AI :-)

5.Multiple Camera View:third person/first person and back view.

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Visit more information at: Hornmax.com

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horn max v0 01b middle

Here is the details

1 Coloring

While driving your horn monster, the skid marks will always be drawn on the grounds with different team colors. So while fighting with your opponents, you are also collaborate together to create an abstraction piece of art!


2 Ball Attack

The ball is also introduced in this version, it will be an important element in the future.

When the ball be colored with your team color, it will do huge damage on your opponents! Try to crush your opponents with a powerful ball hit!

3 Level Design

Shrink the original arena level into half size, make the whole battle be more intense.

Add stunt area and wind power to increase joyful.

4 Car Control

While your horn monster lay on the ground, press B(GamePad) or J(Keyboard) do a side rolling to stand up.

The next build will focus on user decoration and start some trials on online multiplay.

V0.01b Download LInk: Indiedb.com

Vote this game on greenlight: Steamcommunity.com

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HORN MAX V0.01b(win)

HORN MAX V0.01b(win)


The main improvements for V0.01b is on environments and playable elements.




HORN MAX v0.01a: Full function local co-op play mode and one polished arena level, enjoy.

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