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Honor calls is a war themed fps game that is being made with fpscreator. Now the release date hasn't been official yet because of the game is so new. Now in the next paragraph we will tell you what will be in this game.The stuff in this game will include the following teams, USMC, Task Force, GIGN, and also Bundeswehr or Federal Defence Forces of Germany. Now here, on the opposing side is, Russia, Civilian Militia, and a terrorist group.You will go from cities, deserts, and nations torn by war.​​

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Concept Art


Today, we are adding more concept art to the game. Along with that part we are also adding new gun models into the game. There will be new levels soon also! Along with those levels there will be a multiplayer level being made too. That first level will be a base. Also we are planning to add a helicropter entity into the game. Plus if you would like to comment, you can give us some ideas for the game. Honor Calls is also being made with partners in the game so you wont be alone. The only missions that you'll be alone on are sniping missions and covert ops missions. NOTICE: NONE OF THIS STUFF IS COD BASED.

The progression of the game is also being set in to where we are purchasing cd's and cases to put the game in it. For it is easy to burn a game besides downloading it. A BETA version will be added before the game comes out. Keep an eye out for more news!

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