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Our protagonist, the aspiring philologist Dr. Remy Chaveau, is hired by a client to investigate a strange family heirloom: An old enciphered diary.
While trying to decipher the diary several words stick out, one of them being “Flamel”, and Remy decides to follow the trail of information obtained from the book.

Remy consults his mentor and friend Professor Dupont, hoping that he might help him on his quest. Dupont is eager to help him, as he hopes to follow up on the old times. Remy leaves him with copies of the diary pages and follows the net of unravelling clues.
His quest leads to several locations of present-day France and onto the trail of the legendary alchemist Nicolas Flamel.

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The adventure "History in Letters - The Eternal Alchemist" just released on Steam. The game is about Remy Chaveau and his adventure to unravel the mystery of Nicolas Flamel.

Link to Steampage: Store.steampowered.com

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