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Hell of Men: Blood Brothers is a real-time strategy game in which you will have to collect resources, build your base, train your army by choosing your soldiers wisely and fight.


Hell of Men: Blood Brothers tells the story of the fateful historical moment when Russia breaks off diplomatic relations and annexes Ukraine under the closed eyes of the United Nations. As Europe is about to explode, Belarus, Russia's next target, organizes itself to fight for its sovereignty.


In Hell of Men: Blood Brothers you will have to collect resources to expand your base and form your platoon. Your base will offer you a large choice of buildings and units, each unit has its strengths and weaknesses. Scattered around the world, you will find strategic points that you will have to capture to make vehicles spawn. You must then assign soldiers to use them.

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What offers Hell of Men: Blood Brothers:

  • An interesting and unique story!
  • Small-scale combat. Optimize your infantry platoon.
  • Strategic combat with a cover system for infantry.
  • 5 factions each with special units and bonuses.
  • A large choice of infantry and drone units.
  • 4 resources with 3 different types of collection.
  • Colorful environments.
  • A modern war context.

What does not offer Hell of Men: Blood Brothers:

  • Very large scale combat.
  • Direct control of units.
  • A destructible environment.
  • A 360° rotation of the camera.
  • Several difficulty levels for the campaign mode.

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Hell of Men: Blood Brothers is developed by one person (Whacky Squad Studio) and suported and published by Zerouno Games.

We love to get constructive feedback on the game, what you like and what you would like to improve. So contact us!

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July Update


Hello to all,

To begin this news, I announce you the end of my partnership with Zerouno Games for the publishing of the game.

Then, I want to thank you for your messages and kind comments! It motivates me to continue! Thanks to all of you!

July :
Discover the changes and new features of the July update which will be available tomorrow.


  • Adjustment of sound volumes.
  • Correction of the cover system.
  • Fixed tank crew not being able to enter tanks and light tanks for some factions.


  • New skin for Poland: Dark Odyssey.
    Made by Zoé who did an internship at Whacky Squad Studio.

Road Map:
What will be the continuation and follow-up of the game?

  • A monthly update with corrections, readjustments, balancing etc ...
  • A new monthly content.


  • For next month, I'm working on adding 3 new languages; Italian, Polish, Russian.
    I'm looking for people to proofread, if you are interested contact me via the Hell of Men Discord:
    Or by mail:

  • A new multiplayer map (more details to come).
  • A new skin.
  • The addition of 4 player mode for multiplayer.

A multiplayer pack for September! More details to come!

Join the Community on Discord.
Enjoy the game!

Release !!

Release !!


Hell of Men: Blood Brothers is release in v1 with a beta multiplayer !

Unity's Update #33

Unity's Update #33


Discover the "Unity"'s Update #33. Second part of upgrade maps.

Mazyr's Update #32

Mazyr's Update #32


Mazyr's Update is available (#32) with many new changes.

Hunter's Update (31)

Hunter's Update (31)


Discover new update of the game and a big announcment. Hell of Men have a publisher !

roman9441 - - 1,183 comments

look nice

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meTonne Creator
meTonne - - 9 comments

Thank you !

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DoDoCat - - 1,757 comments

Wonderful game, keep up the good work, man!

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meTonne Creator
meTonne - - 9 comments

Thank you !

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LunarShuriken - - 1,293 comments

Looks great!

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meTonne Creator
meTonne - - 9 comments

I hope that you will like to play it ! :D

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