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In the game "Hardcore Mech" the control of the character(mech) is divided between the 2 players. The first one is a pilot. Primarily, he is responsible for Mech's movement. The second player - shooter. His main task is to aim and shoot.

Follow the workability of Mech

There are a lot of different sensors, which are divided between players. Each one shows the condition of this or that module. You must follow them to eliminate the defects when they occur. Otherwise Mech can be destroyed completely. For example, the shooter must follow the temperature of weapon, because if it overheats, they can break down

Eliminate arising technical problems

More often to eliminate this or that fault, requires the interaction of both players, because the most of the controlling elements (levers, buttons, etc.) are unique for each player.

Fight wisely

While the shooter is destroying the opponents, the pilot must strafe to minimize the damage caused by the enemy for Mech. If these two tasks won't coordinated, you can hardly expect to win.

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Hardcore Mech on Greenlight


Hardcore Mech - cooperative game, in which 2 players control one Mech, got Greenlight. We are glad for this fact and thank the community of players, which was interested in this game. We believe this idea and will try with all our might to bring the game in the best possible way.

There is still a lot of work. We have to go through several stages before the game will be released. Also we plan to redraw the entire 3D graphics and work on gameplay. If this game is interesting for you, subscribe to our page to know all the news about the development process.

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