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This is a 2D game that is about fighting waves of enemies and beating each level.

You can choose 3 different classes at the moment, Fighter, Archer and Mage. Each has different abilities you can use to fit your own play-style.

There are in total 10 randomised levels and each level will get harder and harder as you progress.

Bosses will also be spawned in different levels, bringing the unspeakable intensement to the battlefield.

Hardcore Dungeon is now on Steam Greenlight. We need your help!!

You can vote for us either through browser or steam client.

Here is the link to the vote page through your browser:


Click on yes.


Here is the instructions if you want to vote for us through steam client:

1. Go to the steam greenlight page

1 1

2. Type "Hardcore Dungeon" into the search bar.

2 1

3. Select our game.


4. Click on yes.


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User Posted Image

Fighter :

- Lots of hp

- Median mobility

- Good at dealing with a group of enemies

Fighter is really good as a starting class because the only thing you need to do is to slash every single enemy you see. The high amount of health gives you the toughness you need as a warrior. You can also choose different abilities to suit your play style. Either high damage abilities or area effect spells.

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Archer :

- High mobility for dodging projectiles

- Long Range attack

- Good at killing individual enemies

Archer is really good for people who loves sniping the enemies and dodging different attacks. The only thing you need to watch out is once you are slowed, then you will get punished pretty hard. Other than that, enjoy the pleasure of destroying every enemy.

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Mage :

- High area effect attack

- Good at damaging both indiviuals and a large group of enemies

- Different cool spells

Mage is probably the coolest class at the moment. This is simply because it has different types of spells that deals a lot of damage to a group of enemies. Remember, try to maximize the use of it's abilities then you will be unbeatable.

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- Save system

- Randomised enemy spawn. Each level is different!

- 10+ different abilities, choose your fighting style

- Launch and play, no need to configure anything

- Available in different screen resolutions, ranging from 1024 x 576 to 2560 x 1440. No worry about limitations.

- Vsync to avoid fps jumps

- Different badges when you defeated the whole dungeon.

- Progression system

- And many more cool features.

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