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Sequel to the best selling game of all time. This time, more will be more outside and inside.

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Crackshell, The Video Game Developer proudly presents the first video of Hammerwatch II. It's a shorter ingame video of some basic exploration. The section is early in the game, but the open nature of this world will have you revisit places like this several times.

The video shows several completely new features to the series, like proper quests, inventory, grapple hook point and more.

Hammerwatch II the direct sequel to Hammerwatch, that was released in August 2013, this game will start the players off more or less exactly where that game ended.

Hammerwatch II expands on all areas of the first game, into a more general action rpg style, in a more open world with instances. We will make sure we keep the levels as intricate and advanced as the first game, with more puzzles, traps, buttons etc, we see this game as a mix of a Diablo and Zelda 3 when it comes to that.

More info to come, about classes, itemization, loot, enemies, instances, lore, world, stay tuned...

You can always follow us on twitter and look at the webpage for the game, or the company.

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Thanks a lot Spy!

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I am not a real RPG fan, but i LOVE how clear and detailed the game looks, the game world is so colorfull and detailed! Am a bit fan of there previous game, Serious Sam Bogus Detour!


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