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Turn on the flashlight , look the wardrobes , open the windows , fights against Terry , Pierre Avril , Henry and Zed to advance the terrible abyss of nightmares or look down to protect yourself ,and never NEVER GET OUT OF THERE!
Hallucinosis.September 2016 or not!

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How the Gam Runs!


So this is a horror game that includes(r not)a room to u see and protect to the Killing Elements Gang don't come to kill u,but in this gam u can't protect yourself,so now u think about your parents said 2 U,"To be a Chuck Norris,fight against your fear!",press Space Bar instantly to advance against your enemies!Or look at the floor to be a coward and "DON'T SEE" youh enemies disappear!Enjoy,first demo on September or early!

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