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Hack Grid is a hacking-theme puzzle game and love letter to DOS gaming both in visuals & audio.

Only one piece must remain on the board!

Pieces can absorb only other differently colored pieces.
Every piece kind is unique in it's own way, some can move, some change colors and more!

- 60 levels
- roughly 2 hours of gameplay
- Sound Blaster 16-like Audio & Soundtrack
- Colorblind mode
- Speedrunning mode with a built-in timer

- Mouse only with keyboard shortcuts

- Czech
- Dutch
- English
- Finnish
- German
- Spanish

- Windows
- Linux

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Firewall Release



The wait is over, the free Firewall content update is finally out!

  • 30 new levels
  • 4 new kinds of pieces to challenge your mind
  • 3 new music tracks
  • 4 new in-game achievements

The Firewall update is now part of the base game.
If you own the game on Steam it will update automatically.
If you've purchased the game through Itch.io, you'll have to download the newest version manually.

Enjoy the new levels and remember to Hack the Grid!

Firewall Announcement

Firewall Announcement


Hack Grid's FREE content update is coming soon! Get an early access to it!

Soundtrack Release

Soundtrack Release


Hack Grid's soundtrack has released, get your copy today!

Steam Release

Steam Release


Hack Grid has finally released on Steam with a 15% launch discount!

How I made Hack Grid

How I made Hack Grid


Curious what it takes to make a game as a solo dev?

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