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Great Pilots is a fun 2D side scrolling retro airplane combat game set in WWI. Fly a wide array of historically authentic aircraft in missions that guide you through different scenarios of WWI. Earn more advanced planes as you test your skills against unique challenges!

When you take the controls, you become one of the great pilots that flew in the Great War. You will be using your machine gun and bombs to destroy targets such as factories, command centres, pillboxes, vehicles, enemy aircraft and much more. Each mission presents its own challenge.

Watch out! There are ground defences that will shoot back at you! German aircraft and even the Red Baron himself, will hunt you down!

As you succeed in completing sets of missions, you are given better airplanes to fly. New planes are faster and more maneuverable. Some have a better machine gun, some have more bombs, some can take much more damage.

Each airplane in Great Pilots was created to be an authentic image of the real WWI fighter airplane. Missions have been created to mirror the progress of the war, such as the battle of Verdun

Take the controls and take your place among the Great Pilots!

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Great Pilots launch


Greetings Indie Gamers!

We hope you enjoy our first game, Great Pilots!

This game is unique in that we really focused on the progression of fighter combat in Word War I.

We used historical records to help us create levels and even groups of levels.

There is a full group of levels based very closely on how the Battle of Verdun unfolded.

We also followed the progress of Somme Valley battles closely and following that, our level representing Vimy Ridge is meant to be good representation of the battlefield cross section.

Once you master flying your fighter, you keep getting faster and more capable fighters!

You'll need better fighters because your enemy has ground defences that can take you down.

And of course, enemy fighters will often be patrolling in defence as well.

Your skills will be tested!

Join in and become a Great Pilot!


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