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The ocean floor is rising! Using your long squid-like tentacle as a grappling hook, and unsuspecting sea critters (we think they’re really big amoebas) as grips, climb and swing your way to the top before the ocean floor engulfs you!

With the agility of a squid, the strength and cunning of an octopus, and lungs of a snail, nature just may have granted you with the means to survive. So grapple those grips, grab the power ups, and fling yourself to the surface while there is still time! Grab powerups to help your ascent - jetpacks, spring boosts, invincible commando suits, and more!
Time your climb! Reel in your grapple-tentacle at the right moment to maximize your upwards distance. But be careful, and listen closely for baddies - they get louder as you get closer to them! And don’t fall too far, or you’ll end up as just another skeleton in the ocean floor of death!


  • Completely free!
  • Game Center global leaderboards - compete with your friends!,
  • Jet packs, springs, and grapple strength boosts to fly you higher,
  • Stationary, moving, and two types of breaking grips,
  • Moving and hovering baddies,
  • Invincibility powerup that not only protects you, but also annihilates any baddies you come in contact with!
  • Destroy enemies using the jetpack and invincibility powerup!
  • Realistic physics,
  • No ads during game play,

How to play:
Tap and hold on a grapple grip to attach to it. Swipe downward to reel in your grapple-tentacle, or swipe upward to extend it. The faster you swipe downward, the more upward momentum you’ll get!

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Grapple Jump is free to play, so what have you got to lose? Grapple those soft critters, grab powerups and slam the baddies with your helmet, and fling yourself to the surface to avoid certain death!

It’s coming out for Facebook too, just a smidge behind schedule. Another few days and it’ll be ready – no later than the 15th of this month. Leaderboards will be implemented into the Facebook version also, which we feel will add a lot to the game. We’re hoping to have it implemented for the first version – 1.0 – but may have to include it in our first update. Either way though, scores will be saved remotely from the beginning, so when leaderboards do become fully implemented, all previous scores will have been saved, and therefore will be viewable :)

Get it on the Play Store for Android here.
Get it on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch here.

Bonus for reading this far: ^_^

On the left is our first title screen draft, and on the right is our final title screen image. The one on the left looks almost bland compared eh? lol

Grapple Jump | Progress update

Grapple Jump | Progress update


Finished the game, now sending out for reviews ^_^

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