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Top Bar - Missile Control

Build and launch an arsenal of missiles along hand drawn paths. Intercept the enemy forces before they reach your base. Balance your attack and defence to achieve the ultimate victory!

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Missile Control balances defending friendly structures and supply lines with attempting to destroy the opposing force. Battle through the missions to unlock more regions and missile types. Each region provides a unique layout and objective.

Choose from a variety of unique missile types then build your missile silos and launch! Each missile has special features. Take out multiple enemies with a nuke or teleport through defensive lines to target specific units. Defending your base can be stressful! Find yourself in a tight spot? Then press the big red button and nuke em all!

Mastered the existing regions? Try for high scores in the challenge mode maps for each region. Survive the un-ending enemy assault as long as possible!


  • Use touch screen controls to draw paths for your missiles to follow.
  • Retina display supported for iPad, iPhone 4 and 5.
  • Use different missile variants all with unique after-touch effects. Boost, divide, teleport and nuke your way to victory!
  • Protect your supply planes to gain bonus credits and super weapons.
  • Super weapons available! Collect them in game or purchase them at the store.
  • Multiple game modes.
  • Battle over various geographic regions and complete specific mission objectives.

Missile Control is a unique blend of real time strategic offence and wave based defensive game play. Taking a line drawing style control system and combining the old school Missile Command defensive styles with some unique flavour thrown in.


  • Achievements and leader boards
  • Multiplayer! (Network and same device)
  • More maps!
  • More missiles!
  • More super weapons!
  • New Game modes!

Stay tuned!

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After a little bit of a delay we've finally released our first game 'Missile Control'

It's great on the iPad and fun on the iPhone as well! We support all the different screen configurations. Download it now and give it a go. We're super excited and hope people enjoy it.


Blunt Instrument Studios

Creating a trailer

Creating a trailer


We've completed our first trailer for missile control! Here's a little bit of info about our process.

Development Update

Development Update


Here's a brief update on the progress of Missile Control.

Bring back the multiplayer

Bring back the multiplayer


Multi-player mode being added back to the game.....

Spiral_Out Creator
Spiral_Out Reply Good karma+1 vote
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