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Granny is an upcoming racing/arcade game for the platforms iPhone, iPad and Android. The player will take control of a granny living on the nursing home, Rosinen, where she has a mortal enemy; Ms. Jensen.

Ms. Jensen gets frequent visits from her grandchildren, because of her cool ride. Your goal is to save money by buying your supplies on sales in the O-Mart, which you can then use to pimp your own ride.
The faster you can reach the super market, the more money you can save!

But watch out! The journey from the nursing home to O-Mart is long and perilous, and you will face many challenges.

Pimp your ride so you can beat Ms. Jensen and your grandchildren will think you are cool!

Information and media will be added in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

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Granny vehicles!

News 5 comments

The three usable vehicles in Granny are revealed; the Walker, the Rollator and the Scooter.

The Walker is the primary vehicle and also the slowest. Your granny will start with the Walker.

Faster than the Walker, the Rollator is the next usable vehicle. You will be able to buy this, when you have saved enough money.

The most expensive vehicle in the game, the Scooter. This will get you to the O-Mart faster than any other, and as you upgrade it you will have the fastest ride in town!

They are fully upgradeable and you will be able to upgrade them as you save money by buying supplies on sales in O-Mart. The more you pimp your vehicles the cooler you will be!
As you save more money you will eventually be able to buy a new vehicle.

Our programmer is working on the controls at the moment, but we will upload a gameplay video of the vehicles in action as soon as possible.

Stay tuned :)

Best regards,
-Bootcamp Studios

Granny announced!!

Granny announced!!


Bootcamp Studios announce Granny for iPhone, iPad and Android!

Guest - - 699,114 comments

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Guest - - 699,114 comments

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Xencer - - 116 comments

Haha, this is awesome

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SinKing - - 3,119 comments

Should call it Granny Death Race ;)

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xSkell - - 1 comments

This looks like a high quality game for an iPhone game!

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Lord_of_Sausage - - 95 comments

Best idea ever!

"Her mortal enemy, ms. Jensen" - awesome!

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