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Machines are taking over your world! Their buildings destroy forests, their factories pollute the earth and water. The air is filled with the hum of drones and ships. Your home is dying!

You must act now! Be the natural disaster and wipe out the alien cities. Unleash the power of the elements and become the ultimate warrior god!

Your task is simple - rid your home of the evil machines before they corrupt it beyond repair. Work your way through increasingly powerful enemy outposts until you can challenge their capital and end the invasion once and for all. Each time you successfully cleanse a region of your world, you will receive powerful rewards - new spells, abilities, blessings, or passive bonuses. The less corruption the region has suffered, the more rewards you will receive!

Feeling brave? Skip regions to get deeper into enemy territory - this will give you a chance to end the war sooner and offer more rewards at the same time. But be careful not to overestimate your abilities! If the machines corrupt one region too much, the whole world will be lost and you will die.

Work with Gaia in each region - protect the crystals that rise from the earth and gain more mana and the ability to summon structures or spirits to help you in battle! Forge an alliance with various animal gods and trade powers with them for additional benefits.

Choose the god that best suits your play style! Will it be Azzinoth, God of Fire and Destruction? Or perhaps Nadea, Goddess of Water and Life? Each god has specific strengths and weaknesses, as well as unique mechanics - for example, if you cast powerful and expensive spells as Nadea, you will cause the sea to rise and slowly but surely drown all your enemies in its depths!

  • Azzinoth - the god of fire focuses on raw destructive power. With spells like Meteor Storm or Volcano, he can wipe out an entire enemy outpost with a single cast.
  • Nadea - the goddess of water does not have the powerful spells of Azzinoth, but she is more in tune with nature. Her tactics usually revolve around slowing down the corruption while building up her powers, then striking with powerful spells and her special power - the Rising Tide, which eventually drowns all who oppose her.
  • Urus - the god of earth is the lord of spirits and as such can summon them to aid him in battle. Call upon massive Earth giants or spirits of the animal kingdom and let them tear your enemies apart!
  • Zafira - the goddess of the wind is a tricky one. Her arsenal is a mystery even to the other gods. She likes to borrow their powers and break the rules - casting spells without mana or in places where others cannot. Whether it is pure destruction with the Void Beam or taking control of enemies with Confusion, she has something for every situation!

  • Dynamic spellbook creation: Choose core spells, add powers to them, and upgrade their properties to create a unique spellbook. Pick powers that complement each other and quickly eliminate your enemies to limit the amount of corruption they can spread across the world.
  • Ever-changing world: Each time you are born, you live in a new world. You will face different enemies in different environments that offer different amounts and quality of prizes. Striking the right balance between risk and reward is the best recipe for success!
  • Blessings: Cleanse regions quickly and receive powerful blessings from Gaia, the Mother of Nature. These can dramatically change the power of your spells or even how you use them.
  • Layered Strategy: Make strategic decisions on multiple levels - choose the right rewards, attack the weakest regions, and make sure you have a good long-term plan! Will you move slowly to reap many rewards but risk corruption taking over? Or will you move faster, but with weaker spells, giving the machines a better chance of overpowering you?

Protect your home, wipe out the machines, and most of all - have a lot of fun doing it!

This game is influenced by modern roguelite games but allows you to control the difficulty to a large extent - choose a quick but difficult path, or move slowly and methodically, beating one enemy after another and growing your power beyond their abilities. The world you live in and the powers you gain for winning will be different each time you play, but your enemy remains the same - ruthless machines. Fortunately, their logic is predictable, and once you learn all of their tricks, you can easily wipe them out. Don't be afraid to fail! Experiment with your spell build, discover powerful combinations, and plan ahead to deal with whatever the machines have in store!

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We are proud to show you or newest trailer, featuring new gameplay footage, including epic boss fights, new units and spells and of course amazing music! Check it out here:

You might have noticed that we also have a new key art. The old one was cool but we felt it did not really convey what the game is about so we opted for making a new one that would better communicate the clash between gods and machines as well as the genre of the game (action RTS). Check it out here:

Gods Against Machines Key art

We hope you like it!

If you do, please consider wishlisting the game on Steam. It helps us a lot!

Best regards,


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