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Ghostory is a 2D platformer based on switching between a human form and a ghost form to pass various puzzles. It is underlined by a light-minded, yet engaging plot and retro-styled pixel art graphics.

In human form, the player can interact with levers, keys or backpack. In ghost form, the player can fly or pass through walls. The player has to cleverly use both forms to get the backpack out of the cave.

Throughout the game, you pass through dozens of carefully-crafted levels which test your logical thinking. New mechanics and unique puzzles get introduced the deeper you get into the cave, making the game easy to get into, but always challenging and non-repetitive.

  • Puzzles: Loads of unique levels and complex puzzles
  • Story: An engaging and deep, yet a little bit crazy and pun-heavy storyline
  • Atmosphere: Well-suited music for each level, multiple detailed environments
  • Gameplay: Smooth and responsive mechanics

In Ghostory, you take role of a lone traveller who got lost in the woods. He drinks from an unknown lake and gets affected by a curse - he can transform to a ghost and fly. However, he is slowly dying.

Thankfully, he meets an old lady (with her own sense of humour) which can help him prepare an antidote - but she needs a special mushroom for it. Even though he finds the mushroom pretty fast in a cave nearby, a very unlucky earthquake occurs, trapping him inside. Will he find his way out? What secrets await him in the cave? Will the cure even work?

Find out yourself!

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Ghostory - an adventure with hardcore puzzles and a spiritual story. Well, not really spiritual, more so full of puns. And neat retro-styled pixelart graphics!

Ghostory small header image


You drink from a cursed lake. You (unexpectedly!) get cursed - you can turn into a ghost and back freely! However, you are dying. Thankfully, a helpful old lady lives nearby (with a weird love for puns). She can prepare a cure, but she needs a special mushroom. To retrieve it though, you need to travel to a nearby cave... and you get buried deep inside of it due to an earthquake. Can you make it out with the mushroom? Or will the cave be too (g)hostile?


Ghostory is a 2D puzzle platformer which relies mainly on solving hard logical puzzles. The player has to use both his human and ghost form to pass a complex network of platforms, doors and elevators. In ghost form, the player can fly around through walls and spaces freely. In human form, the player can interact with objects and, most importantly, move the backpack. Get the backpack to the exit and save yourself!

The game is focused around puzzles much more than mechanical skill and the gameplay is over 9 hours - full of puzzles with occasional story bits coming now and then, uncovering more secrets about the cave and your curse. Initially, it was created as a student project, but after winning the BSP Game Access '16 award, works on it continued and after 2 long years, it is finally here in a full version! We sincerely hope you will enjoy it as much as we do

Ghostory was released this monday on Steam - on October 23rd and is in a 15% launch discount for under 6€! Store.steampowered.com

DRM-free version on the web: Ghostory.rigidcoregames.com


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