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Gelly Break is a Coop Jump & Run game with puzzle pieces for the Nintendo SWITCH, which can only be played in pairs. The indicated 3D comic style with an active camera provides a dynamic and varied player experience for younger and older players.

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Lots of news


In the last few months it has become very quiet around Gelly Break. That does not mean that we were not diligent. Since our last article, a lot has happened. We are very happy to have found a publisher for our game.

An exciting year would be ahead of EuroVideo Medien GmbH, says Marc Wardenga (Manager of Eurovideo) - and it starts with the introduction of a new gaming brand. "Wild River" symbolizes the company headquarters on the site of Bavaria Filmstudios in Munich, just a stone's throw away from the "wild" Isar. And it will be an exciting year for us as well.

The development of Gelly Break for the Nintendo SWITCH is a huge step for ByteRockers' Games. Through cooperation
With Eurovideo, which has over 30 years of experience in the international licensing business, we are now well prepared
master this challenge successfully. We could not have wished for a better partner in planning, communication and distribution.

Euro Video's distribution program includes games such as "Ostwind", "Halo Wars 2", "Everspace", "Black Mirror", "Ori and the Blind Forest", "The Book of Unwritten Tales" and the King Art Strategy games "The Dwarfs" and "Battle Worlds: Kronos". In November 2017, EuroVideo also signed the retro jump & run "Fox n Forests".

We are very curious to see how the cooperation will work out, but we can already say that from now on we will put even more work and passion into Gelly Break so that it will ultimately be a success for both parties.

Of course we want to show you some new pictures here as well.

Evil Blob

As you can see, Evil Blob has received an upgrade from us :) From now on you can not attack directly anymore, but you have to crack his crab shell first.

Owl Boss

Also, the second boss takes shape and as you can see, Evil Blob has gone to great lengths. At the end of each level, an end boss expects you to defeat it with individual tactics.


We also work a lot on the very different levels. Here you see, for example, a factory. Maybe you can already guess what's being made here;)


Concepts for many more opponents and levels are also heaps. All in all, we are doing very well and will hopefully be able to hold the release for the third quarter of 2018. We hope that with Gelly Break we will create a hybrid that will be fun for both advanced players and families. But as long as you, like us, enjoy sitting on the couch together and playing an entertaining co-op game, nothing can go wrong :)

For more pictures and information we are happy to follow

Twitter: @ByteRockers
Instagram: ByteRockers.Games
Facebook: ByteRockersGames
Youtube: ByteRockers' Games

First Teaser "Gelly Break"

First Teaser "Gelly Break"


Here is the first teaser of our new game. Since we still have no good tones, there is a nice music to it :)

Presenting "Gelly Break"

Presenting "Gelly Break"


We proudly present our new game for the Nintendo SWITCH.

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