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(A Classic Story With Fun Exploration.)

A unique take on the classic RPG, two Lords set forth to stop an emerging threat.

They must collect companions & the 4 elemental orbs & solve the mystery about

why they were targeted by the dark figure lurking behind this adventures curtain.

Carve out your own path or follow the court advisor to locate the resources that

will be needed to answer the deeper provoking purpose of why this event occur.

(Familiar Gameplay With New Twists)

Face enemies in custom turn based first person real time combat, using all your

skills with tactical reflex to counter battle states & defensives before they strike.

Travel the Open World Isles, find, craft, & buy your way through all these trials.

Rank-Up your party, take on quests to help those in need, & destroy your foes.

(Currently Working Game Mechanics)

Main Quest, Storyline is completable, side quests updated will rollout as finished.

Main Companions, are recruitable with skills mostly fleshed out & combat ready.

Overworld explorable, which includes a few dev rooms that may be entered too.

(Prototype)Active Turn Battle System, fully functional, has most the bugs fixed.

^Fight monsters to gain Rank-Ups, Wealth, Equipment & New Crafting Material.

Weapon & Armour Crafting mostly feature complete with exceptions end game.

^Includes A Custom Repair System/Shop for equipment that has battle damage.

Night/Day Cycle which allow plants to become harvestable, & set certain events.

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Gears of Phantasm(ACTI)



Check The Game Out, No Longer Early Access!
Post Production updates are still being added.
Alpha development of Act II underway as well.

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