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Travel through the Gates of Devoroth and explore a shattered world, on your own or with friends.Find the lost travel-wards to unlock new locations via the ancient Devorothian gate system. Gather loot and progress your character through experience and equipment.

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Steam: Store.steampowered.com
Discord: Discord.com


Gates of Devoroth is a multiplayer Co-Op Action RPG I have been working on it solo for about 2 years now with a total remake late last year.

In spring last year I release a single-player demo with the name of Devoroth which was an open-world RPG with a slow but old-school tab targeting combat system. After the release of the Devoroth singleplayer demo, I felt the gameplay lacked something and the motivation to continue working on an open-world RPG for multiple years before it would be anywhere near close faltered. So I made a rash but calculated decision, I rebuilt the whole game in a new version of Unity with support for multiplayer. I had tried incorporating multiplayer in the old game as well, but it would still mean I would have to redo almost the whole codebase. This way I could use what I learned over the course of a year to make a better base.

After I got a solid multiplayer foundation, I also began to question whether I should change the tab-targeting combat system as well. Then I player Zelda: Breath of the wild and my mind was set, I needed to change it.
So late winter this year I began updating the whole combat system to a more action-oriented one. I added the bow mechanic and updated almost all player animations.

I am really happy with how the game looks and feels right now and look forward to adding more mechanics and features, and polish once already added.

As the game is now visible on Steam, I am going to focus on the core mechanics of the game and the gameplay loop, and to do this well I will need to test the game. And to test a Co-Op game you need more players. So I am inviting you to join my Discord Server as I will eventually start inviting members of the community to help me test the game.


Niklas Fasth
Frostward Games

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