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In a world where transportation has become individualized, but society has become homogenized. There are those who break the mold and swing away from the pack. They are the runners. Take part in the race.

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new character concepts


We've posted a few of the character concepts we're considering as playable characters to replace the green ball in the prototype.

See the images section for a view of these. Feel free to post comments, critique, or push for those you'd like to see in the final.

After quite a long delay we've started moving forward on the design concepts in Runner. While its still quite a long way out, we feel its a pretty solid prototype and adding new characters with varying control styles will give the game some much needed depth.

As designs for the kinds of landscapes and race tracks are conceived we'll be posting those as well for comment.

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Windows Executable

Windows Executable


Unzip and copy the contents to a location. Put Runner.exe and Runner_Data into the same location in order to run properly.

Mac Bundle

Mac Bundle


Mac Bundle zipped up. Unzip and run from any location.

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