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This is a game where you fly... This game is in still in early access so a lot of the core of the game is still missing.I try to do 1 update a week.I hope that you like it:).Any way the game in this time has only 14 level and the max is going to be 30 so get ready!All of the level has obstacles with you must go past.Tell me what you think and how l can make it better thank you beforehand.Most of the pics and the video are outdated so all all lot of stuff changed.You can download it in gamejolt and here.Bye for now...

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Fly and fly 2.0.0 beta4


It's beed more that 3 weeks or so sice a update l am sorry :( , BUT l finaly finished 2.0.0 beta 4!!!!!

So why l took so much time with a update is cuz l needed to redo ALL of the levels :/(sorry)


-Levels just got a HUGE change you now have to get a power cell and then you can go to the next level
-Added a lite chat with the bird(that is his name the bird)
-Fixed some bugs
-There is a trailer now!
-The door now has a room...
-More story line!
And some other things that l can't remember of.

-Add music (this is gona be hard)
-Add sound effects(this is gona be hard too :/)

Ok that is all l hope you like it
BYE!for now...

Edit:I think that music and sound effects are still going to wait sorry,BUT I am working on the bird home I will have a photo of it in a day or two.

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Fly and fly 2.0.0 beta4

Fly and fly 2.0.0 beta4

Full Version

The latest version of fly and fly l hope you all like it :)

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