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A city located somewhere in Brazil is taken by chaos, devoid of any law. A place where crime and technology go hand in hand. In this environment Guilherme Franco and his henchmen try and locate his missing brother seek revenge for the loss of their families. The game still in prototype.

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Hi all!I just posted the prototype 6 of Fists of Fate.

Following is the list of updates to this version.

  • New enemy “Murro” (Still incomplete)
  • Better texture configuration for Box, floor and “fence”
  • Play with different characters (only for me right now).
  • New Air kick to Manuel (And minnor corrections in others animations)
  • EnemyEmitter can emitt an array of actors.
  • Actors do not latch on top of enemies (you can stop at the top of then)
  • Resolved sprout box bug
  • Initial Building under construction
  • Temporary button to change camera projection
  • Windows version now works with joysticks.

You can see the complete changelog in: Fistsoffate.nostaljia.eng.br.

Some screnshots:

I also published two executables for Windows (32 and 64).

A linux version will come out in a few days (when can make it work).

The Android version is running realy nice, but is only for me right now. At least for now.

I almost forgot, I published the "Incomplete Todo List".

Here is the link Fistsoffate.nostaljia.eng.br.

I few days I will post a new video too.

You can play and download the new prototype
here: Fistsoffate.nostaljia.eng.br.

Thanks for all people that are tracking the game!

New regular enemy

New regular enemy


We are introducing the first regular enemy to the game.


If you're interested in a French translation, just let me know. There shouldn't be too much text.

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trialforce Creator


There's really not much text right now .

But the game will have a well-crafted story, and some short cartoons.

So surely a French translation will be really cool.

But that is for another time. Now I'm focused on gameplay.

Once the right time arrive I will contact you!


Observation: Prototype 7 is almost done!

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Interesting, i love this kind of games :D

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trialforce Creator

Thanks man! I chose this type of game because I love it too! The game will feature all classic stuff that we all love! With some modern touches!

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This is really cool. I am interested to see what you will bring to the table.

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trialforce Creator

Really thanks! I have a lot of things in mind. In some days I will release the Game Design Document (GDD), so everybody can know what I have in mind.

Thanks for you comment!

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