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Build a city, crush your neighbours, and then... Try to convince them not to revolt against your legitimate rule.

Feudal Feud is a free diplomacy, conquest and strategy mobile game. It is a wargame lite played in real-time over a period of a few weeks. You share a map with 100 other players with whom you'll need to negotiate, ally and schemes to dominate the region.

Players you conquer become your vassals. But you'll have to convince them not to revolt if you wish to truly establish your hegemony. However, limited life expectancy means that keeping your strengths and waiting for the death of your own liege may sometime be a better course of action than openly revolting.

Noteworthy mechanics

  • Grow as much as possible in an ever-shifting player-made political landscape.
  • Players you conquer become your vassals.
  • Try to focus them on your objectives instead of fighting each other.
  • Revolt against your own liege to gain independence, or bid your time and prepare yourself for his inevitable death.
  • Unlock new buildings in your capital by controlling as much territory as possible through your vassals.
  • Unlock global talents that are carried over in every game you play.
  • Unlock city types with different objectives for your next games.
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The Kickstarter is LIVE!



Feudal Feud is now on Kickstarter and a lot of new information about the long term progression as just been made public.

Feudal Feud is a diplomacy MMO close to completion in which players have a two-week life on a persistent RISK-like map that ensures an ever-changing political landscape.

The game will be accessible from a browser and it is played right now on mobile as the beta is
accessible on iOS and Android.

First Trailer and 2016 wrap-up

First Trailer and 2016 wrap-up


2016 has been an awsome year for Feudal Feud! Let'S celebrate with the very first trailer of the game.

Beta launch!

Beta launch!


Feudal Feud beta is live! Try what could be your favorite diplomacy & strategy game.

What is Feudal Feud?

What is Feudal Feud?


Build a city, conquer territories, battle your neighbours, crush their cities, and then... Try to convince them not to revolt against your legitimate...

Shiny things

Shiny things


Proclaim your love for indies! "I stand for indies".



I'm curious about how it will look on an Android phone, particularly the cheap LG model I got on a StraightTalk plan. Will the smallish screen space hamper being able to do all those things without being bogged down in management icons?

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UrubuStudio Creator

I hope to make it playable on all screen sizes. Old and new alike!
However, I would be interested in hearing your thoughts about the game and the UI on this device. You'll be able to do so in a few weeks from now, if you register through the website for the upcoming beta --> www.urubustudio.com

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Well I don't have any *specific* commentary on your UI at this point in time; but I would say it resembles graphically a type of "Risk" boardgame in an online MMO setting, plus perhaps the promise of definite RPG + RTS elements. Depends upon how player actions would be synchronized.

My statement of being concerned about "being bogged down in management icons" comes from the experience that games do incrementally evolve, whether in pre-release development or in released updates, sometimes called "feature creep", where developers like us want to add in this, then that, then another thing... (Yeah, that happens to most of us.)

Back in the day, (this is like the early '90s I think) there was this popular web-based game (in the bulletin-board system and play-by-email era) called "Hundred Years War" that oddly enough grew to be quite popular. This was the ancestor and predecessor of such games as Paradox's family-management series like Crusader Kings; in HYW a player controlled a family household in either an English or a French nation. There were several menu options (albeit text-based menu) in order to assess the status of and issue directives to one's family, fief(s), and vassals; and then to simulate the need for marriages and having children, as an element to continue one's lineage -- when the head of a family passed, one of the next generation could be the new head. I think the whole thing is still available at hyw.com; it had a decent amount of web-docs to peek at, the last time I checked. Maybe it's on archive.org already...

I'm not saying you need to duplicate all of it (it *would* be awesome for all that on a phone or tablet), but ... based on your game description I think it would add an interesting twist to the game. Look at what Paradox Interactive did with the whole concept. (I might say they got their basic ideas from HYW; their grand strategies like Crusader Kings and Victoria are glorified GUIs on top of HYW's concepts.)

Apologies if I happen to misunderstand the game concept or direction you are going in it.

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UrubuStudio Creator

I think you get what Feudal Feud is. I did not knew about Hundred Years War as precursor of the Paradox games, but there is definitely an inspiration from Crusader King in Feudal Feud. Bearing in mind that it is on mobile, much more casual, and as massively multiplayer as I feel possible.
And yeah feature creep is a dangerous beast to tame for solo dev like me... There is so much things I would like to add to this game.

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So I have registered to your forum, but it is quite sparse; the forum shows zero topics, zero posts, and a total member count of 23 as of my registration submission. As a recommendation I would give is an almost obligatory "self introduction" sub-forum, where non-game and meta-game things can be discussed, as well as others.

Give the new followers a chance to begin interacting and discussing things; I know I feel somewhat timid in starting a thread if nothing is there, but if you make some subforums and starting threads, more people may begin posting their own thoughts. The subforums and topics I would be interested in seeing are:
- Our Community: Introductions/Welcomes, Forum Rules and Terms, Farewells;
- Game Discussion: Developer Announcements, User Feedback;
- Off-Topic/Personal: (anything random/not connected to Feudal Feud);
and more. If your are a member of any phpBB forums yourself, take as a template some of the naming of their forums and subforms, adapted to Feudal Feud.

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Aha, found the link I once had seen, if anyone should want it. It contains pretty much everything about the original Hundred Years War webgame; it's freely accessible, and fairly comprehensive for all the in-game mechanics.

(I will note the web address is now under hundredyearswar.com instead of the simpler hyw.com it once was; and some links on a subpage or two cannot autocomplete the old address to the new, but it's easy enough to type out in the address bar. I hope some of this is of interest if not useful; it is to me...!)


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Looks like a pretty good game. And what is Grand strategy?

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UrubuStudio Creator

Thanks! I hope you'll find it fun!

Grand Strategy is long term military strategy at the political level (trying to contain and isolate the Soviet Union is a Grand Strategy).

Feudal Feud is a Grand Strategy game because combat is simplified and the game is played on a large map. HOW you attack another player is a thing. But WHO and WHY you attack someone is the main thing in this game.

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