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Would you like to have a taste of running a little shop in a fantasy medieval world?
In Fantasy Little Jobs VR you can cook, forge weapons, prepare magic potions and even play an archery minigame! Serve drinks and food...

You will find lots of surprises, and things to experience. Take a sneak peek of some of the fun things you can experience in this fantastic VR Game:

Gif01 Blacksmith

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We’ve been working incredibly hard on Kitori Academy for the past months. We were lucky enough to take part in the past Wholesome direct 2021 that you can watch it here:

We haven’t taken this decision lightly, and we believe that this new evokes what we want to transmit with the game, relaxing vibes in a magical world with unique creatures and characters and a splash of mystery.

Brewing Potions with spells

For the past weeks, we have been working in the potion class.

We've added various workstations on the Potion Class to transform ingredients and add them to the cauldron to make whimsical and powerful potions.

Potion FireSpirit Moment

Potions FirstCauldron

More customization options

You will be able to personalize your character more by selecting different eye colours and styles. You can even choose a different colour for each eye!

We are also working on new outfits, and as you can see in the picture below, apprentices can wear different robes!



You can add Kitori Academy to your wishlist steam here: Steam Page

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Witchery Academy will be coming to Nintendo Switch!

Witchery Academy will be coming to Nintendo Switch!


Exciting news for Witchery Academy, the life sim where you play as a wizard apprentice.

Witchery Academy first teaser trailer

Witchery Academy first teaser trailer


Potions, Magic, School life and cute cats meet together! We've achieved a big milestone with this first teaser trailer!

Fantasy little Jobs is -35% off on Steam!

Fantasy little Jobs is -35% off on Steam!


Our VR Game experience is ready for the spooky season. Sharing our own experience working on this VR title

Fantasy Little Jobs is out on Steam!

Fantasy Little Jobs is out on Steam!


We are very excited to announce that Fantasy Little Jobs is out on Steam!


Best game ever!

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