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justleavelit jonn2 is an upcoming post-apocalyptic realism, survival game. The game features hunger system, parkour, free running, crafting, building, vehicles and many more. You are one of the living survivors of the unknown infection that purges from the nature itself. Survive a beautiful dynamic world where everything looks or feels alive by hunting wild animals for food, scavenging, building shelter, crafting items, and surviving the harsh living nature by any means necessary. However the real threat is not only in the nature itself, but way more far from that.


  • Large open world from cities to nature to explore, scavenge for items and hunt wild animals for food in.
  • Detailed and highly survival aspects interaction for each every details.
  • Player hunger, thirst system depending on the food you eat and drinks you drink.
  • Parkour system to explore and free run the wilderness to cities and jump from building to building.
  • Living nature with wild animals from wolfs to turtles to hunt for food or be hunted for.
  • Wide selections of all type of drivable vehicles to discover different cities.
  • Build your own shelters and craft barricades to defend them and protect your property.
  • Ultimate survival with crafting and combinations for grenades, weapons, fuels and loads more.
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This is a little small teaser video mostly focusing on the environmental update from our official YouTube channel. Before we begin please visit the screenshots of the game below as the recording software and some problems deducted the actual quality of the game. In this video you will see the quick environment and the settings of the game, you can also see that the player have features such as vaulting objects, climbing ladders and such.



Fall of nature is back in officially development and has been in the past weeks. It's been very busy these couple of years and today I decided to give you the teaser. The game is highly early in W.I.P and the video is laggy and even rushed however, after all these years I wanted to give you something back and we will try our best to complete this project as we have many ideas and planned features. I wasn't going to upload this, as it came a bit laggy too (From the recording software) but as I stated I wanted to give you something to look upon on after leaving you all with no clue of what had happened. Officially fall of nature is now back in development and we have many planned features for parkour, free running, vehicles, weapons, customization, animals and many more.

If you like to support the project please subscribe to our official channel here, give a like and even a share if you feel kind at heart. Check our new website and projects here, we are back in action and we can't wait to show you what we got with fall of nature.


If you wish to support the project and bring it to life, you can support us on Patreon and becoming our Patron for only 1$ while also gain rewards. You can pledge any amount you'd like to become my Patron, as a small thanks for your huge support, I am offering special Patron only goodies listed below such as becoming featured on my website, get in chance to try alphas, get free voucher code to download any asset of mine and much more. Check it out here and become a patron!


Any donations raised will go forward the dream to bring Fall of Nature alive, and we can't do it without you guys and we wish to say a BIG thank you for all your support, we are always open for suggestions on anything. If you don't wish to support us on Patreon, you can do it directly here.

Thank you all, and see you in the next article!

Eneterable interiors and interactions.

Eneterable interiors and interactions.


Showing off some enterable interior images for Fall of Nature.

Player weapon testing

Player weapon testing

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Simple early work in progress video and image of the player weapon.

Small update for the enviorment.

Small update for the enviorment.


Showing off more environment teasers for Fall of Nature.

Fall of Nature started in development.

Fall of Nature started in development.


Teaser of the Fall of Nature developments updates.

Dormantbinkie - - 1 comments

how do i play the games

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CheezeCrostata - - 359 comments

So, what are the enemies? Zombies? Mutants? Is it more inspired by the Will Smith movie 'I am legend', or the far superior novel?

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Guest - - 692,457 comments

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ContecGames - - 50 comments

Hey i want to say good job on the setting! Your models seem to be of very high quality. And i like your level design! The only thing i can think of is maybe a new skybox? It looks like too generic and basic and doesn't do your high quality assets justice.

Besides good luck with the further development, looking forward to see how this will progress :)

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Steelkrill Creator
Steelkrill - - 367 comments

We are highly open and encourage users to post their suggestions on how we can improve and also what do they want to see in next updates (vehicles, hunting, more weapons etc.) while we thank you very much for viewing. Have a great day, all!


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