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Lord Commander!

For thousands of years, the Storm Guard has protected the realm of men from what lies beyond our borders. Things have been quiet for what feels like an eternity but now the evil forces are rising again. They are marching south, invading our lands, killing or abducting helpless citizen. Panic is rising among our people and we again rely on you and your stalwart men to protect our lands.

The Storm Guard is a shadow of what it once was. After centuries of peace, castles have been abandoned and the forces reduced to a bare minimum. Our numbers have dwindled and those still serving the order lack proper training and equipment. To make matters worse, our funds are more than limited.

Yet, Lord Commander, you must lead the order back to old strength. Stand strong and protect our lands from the evil forces and try to find out why they are rising again so we can stop them before it is too late.

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Recruit new Heroes in the Tavern

The Storm Guard is a strategy game where you play as the Lord Commander of the Storm Guard. Foul creatures from the north are invading the realm of men and you must manage this conflict.

On the strategy layer (in town), you must keep the economy going by reducing the panic among your population. Gold is scarce and needs to be invested wisely. You will want to grow your numbers, learn better skills, buy better equipment and keep your men well fed while keeping a healthy supply of potions around. Choose wisely what to spend your hard earned gold on.

Better equipment can never hurt

During missions, your men will run into randomly generated events. Make tough decisions on how to deal with what you will be facing.

Our lands have become a hostile environment. Frequently, your explorations will end up in battle. During the turn-based tactical combat, you must use good positioning to your advantage. Flanking, tying up enemies and using your characters' skills and spells mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Adapt your tactics - different creatures bring different abilities to the battlefield

You will face a lot of resistance and men will die. A lot. And when they die, they stay dead. Keep a healthy mix of fresh recruits and veterans around to make up for losses and injuries.

Good luck, Lord Commander!

Many heroes will give their lives

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The Storm Guard is a tactical combat game inspired by the Night's Watch in Game of Thrones. You assume the position of the Lord Commander and must manage your order to defend the realm of men against the invading forces from the north.

Recruit heroes, develop their skills and lead them in challenging tactical battles against more than 50 unique foes, ranging from small animals to powerful flying creatures.

We must rebuild the Storm Guard to old strength and defend our lands. Lead the way, Lord Commander!

The Storm Guard is now on Steam Early Access

The Storm Guard is now on Steam Early Access


The Storm Guard has been released for Steam Early Access. Be sure to grab your copy and get involved!

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