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Esara is an audio supported interactive novel coming to PC, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS.

The story follows a young woman named Esara and her journey through a corrupt, dystopian future.

Alongside her, Dr Anya Laamalen, Dean of Behavioural Sciences at Helsinki University continues her research of behavioural developments in humanity with the advances of Federal control.

I originally started work on this game using the Ren'Py engine, however I have since then moved all the written elements into Unity 5 with the Fungus visual novel Unity Asset pack. This has greatly help my productivity as it allows for far finer control over audio and allows me to distribute the game as an HTML5 webpage using WebGL.

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This is a combination of two updates that I've written and hadn't gotten around to posting online so here's the catch up!

Progress #8 :- Writing is continuing, nothing new there. My progress over yesterday has been in altering the interface to replicate an older command line/terminal based system to fit a little more with my theme. I didn't post any screen shots of the previous interface as I haven't been 100% happy with it.


Screen shot shows a very small piece of the written content in the prologue. Along with that I've been able to borrow one of the lovely Zoom H4N recorders from a friend for the sound design capture for this project. Many thanks!


Progress #7 :- Writing has increased in pace and my flowchart is getting messy.

Was tempted to leave the post there and get back to writing but will add a little more to the update. I've made large amounts of progress with the multiple branches of story, the beginning starts with three small choices and develops two a group of choices that leads the player down a new route of story, one is going to be shorter than the other however it will still contain valuable information about the world and the current situation of the setting: Dystopian London.

Change of Engine and a Change in Pace

Change of Engine and a Change in Pace


The move the Unity 5 has been a great one, inspired more progress to be made!

Progress Report #1

Progress Report #1


A brief update on the design and story writing process for Esara: The New Reality.

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