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EONS is a free fantasy-adventure based MMORPG! Shape your destiny as a Crusader, Magus or Rogue in the mythical realm of Aeeria. Play in real-time with your friends and take on challenging raids, battles and tournaments, embark on heroic quests and adventures, test your metal against other players or train followers and pets!

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A large new content expansion has been added! In this update, we have added Mastercrafting!

We have added 12 new male, 12 new female armours, 14 new 5x5 range aoe weapons, 5 new pets, shoes, hats, upgraded accessories and more!

All of this equipment can only be crafted by a Mastercrafter, and it forms a complete set of [MC] equipment. To enter the craft area, a player requires a Mastercrafter Licence.

These licences can only be acquired for large amounts of cash, and by a player reborn 100 and above. However, these items can be crafted and sold in the outside world to players at a premium, giving anyone that obtains a licence, some nice perks!

Obtaining a licence also grants access to the Exotic Pets shop, players that have a Jeeves MK 4, can purchase some even better pets from this NPC!

5 new refined ingredients have been added, these can be crafted next to the Mastercraft House at /warp home.

4 new maps have been added, with NPC's that drop [MC] ingredients, and a boss with a 0.2% chance to drop any [MC] item! This area is accessible from within the Mastercraft House.

The maximum Reborn Level has been increased to 150!

We've also added a new system called World Spawn - that allows a player over reborn 100, with a Mastercraft Licence, to spawn in enemies or loot chests to the home and square maps! The choice is yours, will you cause havoc amongst the townfolk? Or reward them with treasure?

Happy leveling!

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