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Psychosis is a psychological survival horror game about familicide.


  • Use blunt objects and firearms to fight demons and your own mind to save yourself from a never-ending hell.
  • Pick up the mysterious pieces of a family gone missing and fight your way to the truth.
  • Trust nothing as you lose your mind finding yourself transported to unfamiliar places.
  • Transport yourself back to the 1990s Pacific Northwest with a hybrid-retro art style reminiscent of the era. The game is presented in a derezzed art style with modern lighting and crunchy audio.


It's nearly midnight and you're bored doing overtime at work, at your small office in the rural Pacific Northwest. The dull silence is cut by a phone call from a man with a familiar voice. The gruff voice urges you to "come quickly, they're all gone."

Disturbed, you get in your car, and suddenly you're standing in the dimly lit foyer of someone's home. The place is empty, like everyone just got up and left. There's an awful stench in the air but you can't make out what it is. All you can hear is the sound of the wind and tree branches crashing against the side of the house, and a faint ticking noise.

Suddenly you feel an icy cold presence shoot through your body as your vision fades and your body washes with fear. You're paralyzed lying on the reeking, damp ground; through half-open eyes you see a tall figure wielding a harsh blade standing over you. The being opens its mouth as if to speak and all that comes out is the blood-curdling screeching of metal on metal.


This is an hour-long demo that represents a shortened chapter of what the full game will be.

The game team currently only consists of myself and a composer, so most funds generated from the demo will go towards proper artists/etc. for the full release. As such, any donations at all are very much appreciated!

Content Warning: Psychosis contains themes of murder, flashing imagery, strong violence, and strong language.

© 2022-2023 Aaron Gilbert, all rights reserved

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Hey all!

After 12 long months of development, I am very pleased to announce that the playable teaser demo has finally released exclusively on Itch.io!

When a family goes missing and you receive a mysterious phone call, all hell breaks loose as you are plunged into an expansive world where demons hunt you down and logic is turned inside out. Battle with the shreds of your own humanity through an hour of mind-breaking gameplay packed with combat, puzzles and mystery.

Available now at a special Halloween discount of FREE, Psychosis: Teaser offers a terrifying taste of the full experience planned to launch later next year on PC.

Download the press kit (trailer, screenshots, artwork)

Teaser gif 1

Psychosis: Teaser is available now for download on Itch.io with a 'pay what you want' pricing model. Players who pay $5 or above will get a Steam key for the full game upon release, and those who pay $9 or more will also get a copy of the teaser’s unique soundtrack.

Teaser gif 2

Have you tried Psychosis? Let us know what you think in the comments, and leave a rating for the game on Itch.io!

View the full press release

Psychosis trailer & demo announcement

Psychosis trailer & demo announcement

News 3 comments

I'm excited to announce my new game Psychosis, a retro-style survival-horror game coming to PC on Itch.io in October 2022!

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