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EnigmaVR is a VR experience made using the Unreal Engine 4 and Oculus Rift. The game is an escape room-like. The player has to find his way out of the room by inspecting objects, solving puzzles and collecting gems. The main feature of this experience is that the player can change their height (from 1.80 m to 18 cm). In order to get through areas usually unattainable. This ability is inspired from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland or Ant-Man.

The game takes place in a magician/alchemist's laboratory. The "era" would be around the beginning of the Georgian period. The magician is trying to create a spell to resize objects at will. You, the player, are a human cobaye. As the magician successfully resized you down, he left the laboratory to spread the word. Leaving you in a cage.

Being a great magician, the door to his laboratory is sealed with a magic circle. In order to get out of here, you have to find a way to unseal the door.

The game is full of objects to inspect and take. And unexpected paths to discover.

This game was a student project made by:
Pierre Planeau - Thatfrenchgamedev.com
Alexandre Lecomte - Alexandrelecomtedev.tumblr.com

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EnigmaVR Official Trailer


Hey everyone!

The official trailer has been released, check it out over here:

Even tho the game was officially shipped a few months ago. It took us time to make it "public friendly" and thus postponed the trailer. But there it is! Ready for your eyes ;)

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Full Version

EnigmaVR Public Release Candidate 1 Extract the zip the file. Launch the game using the EnigmaVR_Test3.exe executable.

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