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As the end approaches, the two men ride a train to the city of hope. Hurry up and board the train!


  • A fierce struggle on the train

There is no proper means of transportation in the world ahead of the end. You get on an old train and then you run towards your destination. You can't run away from monsters anymore and you can't hide anywhere. Take your gun and fight the threat!

  • Strengthening gun parts

There's not enough supplies in the end-of-life world. Get the Material, reinforce the weapons' parts, and kill all the monsters that flock to the train!

  • The appearance of an uninvited guest

Different uninvited guests threaten trains depending on the region! Gather all the clues to kill the uninvited guests and knock them down!

  • multi-ending

The end of this journey is not one. What will be the end of the world?

* XBOX360 Pad Support

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You've never played sudoku, or you're good at sudoku?

A sudoku game that will satisfy everyone has finally been released!

Now, try to solve the Sudoku puzzle with excitement!

Sudoku RPG is a new style of game that combines Sudoku Puzzle and RPG genres.

The only thing that can help a miner who has been named a hero by God's mistake is your excellent brain and concentration.

  • A real-time puzzle battle

You can enjoy Sudoku Puzzle with speed and immersion!
We solve puzzles in real-time combat, we use magic to attack monsters.
Only when you clear the puzzle do you defeat the monster and win the battle.

  • Randomly generated Sudoku puzzle

All puzzles in the game are randomly generated! Enjoy unlimited Sudoku!

  • The increasing difficulty balance

It is designed to increase the level of combat difficulty gradually without changing rapidly,
so it is fun for a variety of beginner/middle/high-level users.

  • 10 artifacts and 9 items

In the world of Sudoku RPG, there are artifacts with permanent effects and items that help fight.
Get artifacts from the tower of trials and enjoy permanent effects!

  • 50 different kinds of monsters and monsters' various skills

Monsters don't just wait for the player to clear the puzzle!
For example, monsters can mix puzzles, throw big rocks, or run away in battle!

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RainbowStudio Creator

Steam store page is open! :)

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