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Take the role as a child living in a village in the middle of an expansive forest. Make up your own story as you experience the mysteries of the forest.

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Hóplay 2011 results

News 1 comment

While not snatching any of the prizes, we gained awesome friends and contacts during our visit in Bilbao, and spread the word of Futuregames. Congratulations to all the winners!

had arranged a great event, with a cool exhibition, competitions and lectures. I’ve arranged an album available over here someplace, with some fitting pictures of the trip

The plan was to save as much money as possible, so we took the flight from Skavsta to Madrid, and a bus later on to Bilbao, meaning we’re aleady incredibly sleep deprived. Arriving to Bilbao, we didn’t find any non-scary hostel until 3 hours later. After crashing for a few hours, we figured it’d be fun to check out Alhóndiga, where the presentations and awards ceremony was going to be held the next day. Once there, we met Paolo whom we’d been acquainted with a few weeks earlier at No More Sweden 2011 which was held at our school! Paolo informed us that the presentations were held this day and not the next, in just an hour in fact, so it was a good idea we decided to check the place out ;)

After the presentations, Shailesh joined our gang of non-spanish speakers. We also met the awesome Marc and Cinta who joined in on cool discussions during the party. The following day, we went to check out Guggenheim which we unfortunately had to just speed through cause we were as usual in a hurry someplace. This time to buy tickets back home, as well as getting to the awards ceremony. Interestingly enough two of the winning games were made by people we got a great connection with! Congrats to Shailesh winning with It’s just a thought, Marc and Cinta with Sr.Mistu! We celebrated/drowned our sorrows, shared some philosophies around games with Lara (who really should start writing her blog in english!), and met Eneko shortly before we had to take another painstaking walk->bus->flight->bus trip, this time back to the foggy cold north.

Keepin' it real

Without feeling particularly defeated at all, we are looking forward to what the future has in store for us, both as individuals and as a team. Hóplay 2011 in Bilbao was an awesome experience!

Embrace life :)

//Marko & Jesper

Embrace the finalist!

Embrace the finalist!

News 4 comments

Embrace one of 26 finalists in the II International Videogame Festival hóPLAY’11, Spain, in the category “best design”.

Embrace the presentation

Embrace the presentation

News 2 comments

You can now see the whole presentation with subtitles on our blog

Embrace the blog

Embrace the blog

News 5 comments

check out our blog, soon to be updated with a not so "power pointy" presentation of the game ;)

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Get a first taste of Embrace. This is the full version, but we intend to expand on it.

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Tayzay - - 3 comments

I remember playing this game years and years ago. Has there been any updates since 2011?

Not sure if you guys will see this but I loved the short experience back then and you guys did say you will expand on the experience.

Did that ever happen? Hope you guys have been successful since then.

Thanks for creating a core memory with me.

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Venaxer - - 1 comments

I loved the esthetic of this game. I especially loved how the music changed near the end of the demo. I did not like how I found the larger tree, but I could not find anything interesting besides the tree itself. It was nice to have that kind of special change in the environment, but did not find any sort of reward there for my exploration. I mean a reward so minimal as a different color spear. I loved the feel of not having a clear linear path as what to do, but you showed the player by having boar cooking on the spit, but then removing it making room for one of your kills. The biggest issue for me was having no clue as what to do with my gathered berries and mushrooms as well as not being able to embrace as many things as I wanted to embrace(,but I loved the fact I was able to embrace the antagonist at the end). The best part was definitely the graphics of the game.

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jag648 - - 49 comments

I atempted to play it on my laptop but it was so chopy it was unplayable but thats my laptops fault but ti looks like a alot of fun will be getting it on my good computer ;D good job

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GHOST04111 - - 80 comments

it looksn goods but what are system requirements
becouse i have a crap laptop an acer aspire 1

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feather240 - - 59 comments

Does following the swirly lights lead you places? Sometimes I feel like they do, but I'm not sure.

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enormvisdom - - 2 comments

Feather 240: I can reveal so much that following the wind might be fun, but maybe won´t lead you to something in particular. Keep up the gaming! We are during this fall going to update the game.// Malin

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shibbyitsbrian - - 2 comments

I'm stunned by this game. I played it three times today. The first time I played I just wandered around, picked up a few things, and killed a couple boar. The second time I played I decided to wander out a bit further where I reached the wall and quit. The third time I played, it was like magic. I wouldn't want to spoil anything so I'll just say something curious happened, and I ended up reaching the "The End" screen. A short game, but if you plan on adding more content like this, sign me up!

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TheUnabridgedGamer - - 1,671 comments

Good luck.

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Cnaff - - 510 comments

SO cool! can't wait until an update that adds more stuff!

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xxx.xxx.xxx - - 1,090 comments

Ok so i just downloaded it and played it.
I killed a boar, got chased by one while i was bringing the boar to camp.
But what to do with the mushrooms and plants ???

This could be awesome, the style is very nice and happy.
I would only like to see more variety in leveldesign, like water and caves,
to go fishing or have a sleeping bear in a cave.
Also try to play with the day and nightcycle, make certain, some animals only appear at night and some during the day.
This could be epic, but it needs more variety in animals and features.

Hope to see more of this

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