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Earth Liberation brings together fast-paced RTS gameplay and old-school taste. Command your troops on the ground & in the air. Grind through intense battles with Khrasters, fierce interstellar conquerers, to liberate our planet. Humanity depends on your tactics and wits!

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Moscow, December 15, 2016 – This winter day marks the beginning of an epic struggle for humanity’s survival. Earth Liberation, by PoRovoz studios hits Steam Early Access today bringing back the best that the RTS golden classics had to offer in one action-packed game. The game is now available on Steam Early Access for Windows and Mac OS X. The game is 20% off for the first week after the launch, until December 22, 2016.

Key features:

  • A dynamic modern RTS that captures the spirit of the classics of the golden era of PC gaming, such as StarCraft 1 or Command & Conquer
  • Streamlined, fast-paced gameplay focused on challenge and action
  • A rich Sci-Fi background story explicating the merciless invasion of reptilian creatures calling themselves Khrasters
  • 7 challenging missions to complete, with many more to come

How Earth Liberation came to be? We love RTS games and play them since we were kids,” – explains Vladimir, co-founder at PoRovoz Studios. “We took the parts that we think made them fun: straightforward economy, rapid decision-making, constant enemy advancement, well balanced unit power. Then we made it into one, streamlined and exciting game. We wanted it to be more than just a game, however – in our imagination it has already become a living, story-rich universe. Earth Liberation features a story that kept on growing as we were making progress with the game, and will be growing even further as our development process continues. For that reason, we’re giving away a lore-filled novel in the form of an audiobook and e-book to everyone who buys the game”.

Early Access development plans:

The PoRovoz team shares their roadmap for the upcoming feature updates on the Steam Early Access page for Earth Liberation:

  • Improved visuals - Jan-May 2017
  • More units, missions and landscapes - Jan-May 2017
  • Steam Achievements - Feb 2017
  • Steam Trading Cards - Feb 2017
  • Larger maps for more massive battles - Mar 2017
  • Cooperative mode - May 2017
  • Competitive PvP mode (play as humans or invaders) - May 2017
  • Special units upgrade system - TBA
  • New audio design – TBA


If you are human and reading this - it’s time to push back those ugly reptile invaders from our planet! A year ago, they arrived in our skies, while scattered governments could do nothing but fall before them. With the old world gone, all our conflicts ended as well - and now the remnants of humanity will stand united to take our Home back... Or die trying. No more fear - upon the ruins of our civilization - the Resistance arises. We have the soldiers, we have the weapons… All we need are commanders. If you are one with intellect and reflexes, don’t hesitate, the fight for Earth Liberation awaits!


Earth Liberation on Steam:

Press assets: Bit.ly

Game trailer: Bit.ly

Social media: Twitter Facebook VK PoRovoz Studios

About PoRovoz Studios:

PoRovoz Studios was founded by Vladimir Polozkov and Nikolai Rovneiko who have been friends for the last three decades, and for the last two - huge RTS worshipers. They never dreamed of careers in game development, but while becoming successful in finance and the oil and gas sector, there was a yearning for something more, something from their past. Having no gamedev background and lead only by their passion, these two insane dreamers put their careers on hold and began working on Earth Liberation.

Earth Liberation will arrive on Steam Early Access on 15 December 2016

Earth Liberation will arrive on Steam Early Access on 15 December 2016


Get ready for a mix of fast-paced RTS gameplay and old-school style gaming experience! We are very excited to announce: Earth Liberation will arrive on...

Sci-fi RTS Earth Liberation has been Greenlit on Steam!

Sci-fi RTS Earth Liberation has been Greenlit on Steam!


Friends, we are happy to share our pleasant news with you! Earth Liberation has been Greenlit on Steam. We are now entering the next active phase of development...

Earth Liberation Demo and Greenlight Launch!

Earth Liberation Demo and Greenlight Launch!

News 3 comments

Now you can try our game demo and vote for us on our Greenlight page.

Earth Liberation - a new, fast paced, sci-fi RTS

Earth Liberation - a new, fast paced, sci-fi RTS


PoRovoz Studios proudly presents a new sci-fi, real-time strategy title - Earth Liberation. Are we alone in the universe? On August 7th, 2077 it was confirmed...

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Earth Liberation Demo

Earth Liberation Demo


How long will it take you to complete the first five missions of Earth Liberation demo?

deleted10101 - - 7,265 comments


I think i will like this game a lot , SC2 quality level and great idea but i don't see any info about this game
How many races/factions ? Tech trees , story , stuff like that

Will vote this max once i can
My best wishes with it

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porovozstudios Creator
porovozstudios - - 5 comments

Hi Anyna,

Thank you for the wishes.

The game is designed with two races in mind, humans and reptilian aliens. We are still at the demo stage of the game so a lot of the items are under development.

The basic story line can be seen in our long trailer version on our greenlight page. (link below)

We are still designing the tech tree mechanics and details and are planning to have an overall idea soon. Would love to hear your thoughts on it once we are ready to share with the wider community.


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deleted10101 - - 7,265 comments

Hi again

You are welcome

I am working myself on a project that is at the undivided cell level that just began few months ago , you can find it on my mod area and my profile blog , that it might become a game if the planned game's engine won't do and I need to take it to a new engine
Development is currently at pause until my current ilnesss is over and am enjoying the spare time to play some nice 4x titles

Back to your game , the graphics and concept are amazing but 2 races is too little unless you want to expand gameplay so much that it will hardly ever become repetitive and replayability will increase

Will check the link right away
Thoughts you mean suggestions ?
I might have an idea or two

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
porovozstudios Creator
porovozstudios - - 5 comments

Hey again,

Sorry to hear about your illness, hope you are back to full health soon. You game concept looks very interesting and clearly much more expansive that what we are trying to develop.

The idea is to have a wider variety of troops on both sides of the conflict and to develop the missions to keep players interested through scenarios and the tactical and strategic approach they will have to choose to progress.

Yes, if you have any ideas and suggestions, please share them with us :)

Reply Good karma+2 votes
deleted10101 - - 7,265 comments

Thanks for replying again

I am somewhat back with health but i still am coughing once in a while and i need to wipe my nose with a little towel once in a while too

Yes and the bad news is that i am just one person not a team
I know there are some one developer games but i don't even have complete modelling skills at the present , this means i will need to learn everything with time as i go
Is not going to be easy , you can tell better that things are not easy but if is something we love to do , we will love to achieve it too

The only idea i can think of right now would be more than 2 factions to lengthen up the play time/replayability with more content
Okay another idea : i think it would be really cool to have naval warfare too , is missing from many RTS titles and it would be really nice to have

This should be it for now (:

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INtense! Staff
INtense! - - 4,100 comments

So cool, love the throwback

Reply Good karma+3 votes
porovozstudios Creator
porovozstudios - - 5 comments

Thank you very much Scott, we are hopeful others will share the sentiment.

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