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EARTHFALL: The end of the world is here! Emerging from the devastation of a global meteor strike, aliens swarm the landscape and ravage the planet. Everyday people must stand together and fight back with a wide variety of weapons, supplies, and defenses as they battle through the towns and wilderness of the Pacific Northwest.

Coming to Steam Early Access in early 2017 and later to Xbox One and PS4, Earthfall is a co-operative shooter for up to four players. Using team-based tactics to fortify holdouts and complete objectives, players must work together to survive EARTHFALL!


  • UNITE: Play with up to three other players or with AI-controlled companions
  • FIGHT: Use advanced 3D printers to utilize more than twenty different weapons against our alien enemies
  • BUILD: Deploy barricades, ladders, and turrets to strengthen your defenses
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Road-map To Our First Big Patch

The hotfixes were exciting, but we’re ready for some bigger fish to fry! Now that we've got the first immediate fixes out of the way, we're putting all our development focus into our first big content patch.

We're very excited to say we're addressing your concerns as well as adding some new content to Earthfall!

Performance optimization!
This is our main focus at the moment. In regards to performance, we have a few different areas that are getting attention:

Our first focus is optimization in regards to enemy pathfinding. We've had feedback about significant performance issues as more aliens spawn, which is partially a product of the AI pathfinding interacting with the physics engine. We've decided to redesign the pathfinding code to greatly improve performance across the board, so we can maintain intensity without sacrificing performance.

HighresScreenshot00023 1

The second focus for optimizing performance is with our maps. We've been working hard on making them pretty, now we have to make the art efficient! Some of the levels (such as Supply Run and Radio Silence) need a little more time and love to get them to run well.

More info to come! Along with regular weekly Wednesday updates from now on. See you next week!

- Kells
Earthfall Community Manager

Drone Alien Concept Art From Earthfall

Drone Alien Concept Art From Earthfall


A look at the progress of drone alien concept art in the game Earthfall!

Our First Twitch Stream!

Our First Twitch Stream!


Retelling of our first twitch stream as a company, last Thursday.

Earthfall Spotlight: Danny

Earthfall Spotlight: Danny


Here’s an example of how we develop a character. Danny is one of the original playable characters of Earthfall.

lukaszek444 - - 7 comments

really fun game... shame it died prematurely but the content that there is can still entertain for dozens of hours

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