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Durak is a classical Russian card game. While it requires strategical thinking, cheating is also a viable strategy as long as you don't get caught. In the same spirit pay attention to your opponents or else you might get tricked and be left as the Durak! The game is best enjoyed with 1 to 5 friends.

The game includes:

- Online multiplayer mode for 2 to 6 people

- Option to disable cheating

- Tutorial for players who are new to Durak!

- Bot mode targeted at new players

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I am happy to announce that Durak! is coming to Steam soon.

Durak is a classical Russian card game. What makes this game special is, that while there are rules, you are welcome to break them and cheat your way through the game as long as no one is paying attention. But beware that your opponents may do the same so paying attention is probably the most essential skill to master this game.

Durak! provides you with an introduction to the rules of the game and the ability to play and practice against bots in case you are not familiar with this Sovjet classic yet. After a couple of rounds you should be able to dive in to the online multiplayer where you can compete against upto 5 opponents at once.

Please make sure to check out the trailer:

Durak! will be available on Steam soon. Make sure to add it to your wishlist:

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